Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Friday Pt2, 16th July 2021

The Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv, Wednesday Pt2, 16th June 2021 episode started with Vividha thinking of the man attacking Atharv. Atharv came and did shayari. He asked, why is she worried, when she said she wants to do engagement today. She said nothing.

He said I know you are worried for me, but you did not let me die, it means still you love me, nothing can happen to me, keep loving me, smile a bit, it’s our engagement today. She said okay. He kissed her on the forehead. He asked for a return gift. She said I will give love back. He asked how. She pushed him out.

He asked, you would be a wife or a dangerous girl, will you do this with me. She asked him go and get ready. She pushed him. He went down the stairs. Dadi and Atharv started flirting. Dadi smiled. Dadi said there is still time, leave Vividha, I am still waiting for you. He asked will you come now itself. Dadi and Vividha laughed.

Everyone came to the engagement. A Lady asked Dadi to stop flirting with the groom now, he is going to marry Vividha. Atharv said Indumati ji and my love is very old, it was before marriage and will be after marriage too. Dadi asked the lady, do you want to hear more, see this lady is jealous. Uma got Vividha downstairs. Atharv looked at her. Dadi said, I will leave Atharv for Vividha today.

Still On Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv, Wednesday Pt2, 16th June 2021

Uma got the rings and gave it to them rings. The lady said wait, we will do a rasam before engagement, girl used to write guy’s name in rice plate, it used to show whether girl is educated or not. Uma said no need, Vividha is educated. Lady said but we want to see. Sujata got the rice. Vividha wrote Atharv’s name. Lady asked Atharv and Sujata to give gift to Vividha now.

Sujata said we did not prepare. Lady said you should have kept the gift ready. Atharv said we are ready. He signalled Sujata. Sujata smiled and got the bangles. Atharv reminded Vividha that she took the bangles from Sujata after accepting the relation by heart, this is not a gift, this is your right. He made her wear the bangles.

They all smiled. Lady said then this is not gift. Atharv said I have to give her gift. He kissed Vividha. They all smiled. The power went out for some time. The man checked and the power came back. They all got shocked seeing Ravish written in the rice plate instead of Atharv. Atharv looked at Vividha.

Kailash looked at them. He recalled switching off the lights and writing Ravish’s name in the rice plate. The lady said Ravish is Vividha’s first husband’s name. Atharv asked for rings. Vividha said I wrote your name. He asked will you all make me old now. He took the ring.

The lady said but it’s Ravish’s name in the plate. Atharv said you wanted to see whether my bride knows writing or not, whatever name she wrote, it proved she is educated, name should be written on the heart, I know she loves me. Atharv made her wear the ring. Vividha made him wear the ring as well. Engagement ceremony ended. Atharv went and sat outside. Vividha came and tried to clarify about rice plate ritual.

End Of Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv, Wednesday Pt2, 16th June 2021

He said I don’t care, why are you worried, go and sleep. She said I did not write Ravish’s name, it matters, who wrote Ravish’s name and why. He asked her not to worry, we have to go ahead in life, and not look back, you said you want to do engagement and marry me, I trust you. Sujata said your phone is ringing.

Atharv said it’s for factory renovation. He asked Vividha to get her designs, maybe they can use it for the factory. He asked her to go and sleep now. She was worried. Kailash looked at them.

Vividha showed the designs and notes to Atharv. Ravish and her marriage pics fell down by her book, which shocked Atharv.


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