Jaana Na Dil Se Door Update On Friday Pt1, 4th June 2021

The Jaana Na Dil Se Door Update On Friday Pt1, 4th June 2021 episode started with Ravish crying and recalling Vividha’s words. Vividha cried recalling Ravish’s words. Sujata said if this relation is made once, it could not break.

We both understand it very well. Suman said but Vividha… Sujata said Vividha can think of breaking the marriage, but trust me, she can never do this. Vividha recalled Suman’s words. She recalled Vashisht family and Atharv’s words.

Suman came to her and her crying. She said time did not pass from hands, think again Vividha, you are leaving Ravish for Atharv, who is not there anymore. She made Vividha wear bangles and went. Vividha thinks, everybody finds me selfish, why don’t anyone see my love.

Still On Jaana Na Dil Se Door Update On Friday Pt1, 4th June 2021

Atharv you can’t leave me alone, I feel you are around me, just give me a sign that you are around. She saw a paper rocket. She smiled and kissed the paper rocket. She thinks of Atharv. Suman came and covered Vividha with the red chunri.

Sujata took pagdi for Atharv. She said everyone is waiting for you downstairs. He nodded and asked what about Vividha? Sujata cried and left. Suman took Vividha. Vividha saw Atharv’s toy car and thinks of him. Everything reminded her of Atharv. Vividha recalled Atharv and thinks I can just see Atharv in everything, he is here.

End Of Jaana Na Dil Se Door Update On Friday Pt1, 4th June 2021

Ravish saw the pagdi and cried.Ravish wore pagdi. He held sherwani and smiled with tears rolling down his cheeks. Ravish got ready and came downstairs. He recalled Vividha and his moments. He thinks of her love for Atharv.

Pandit asked Ravish to come. Vividha recalled Atharv. Pandit asked them to stand for the separation ritual. Ravish stood up. Suman asked Vividha to get up and she did.

The chandelier began to shake. Vividha looked at the door and said Atharv. Everyone turned to see and do not see anyone. The blood fell on the ground. Atharv walked in. Everyone got shocked seeing Atharv. Ravish smiled.

Atharv said, I told you I will come back, I have come. Vividha hugged Atharv. Ravish looked on. Atharv asked you, sorry I did not identify you.



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