Kulfi Kumar Bajewala(Little Singer Kulfi): Episode 5 Video

LITTLE SINGER KULFI EPISODE 5. The episode started with Kulfi playing with her toys, she said I am hungry but i will eat only when Ma comes. Nihalo was preparing food and said this yummy food is for kulfi,her son became shocked and asked did you mix poison in it,she said shut up, she is my hen who shall give me golden eggs and she left.

Sikander said Amira’s singing is heard from the mind but sung from heart,Bebe and his brother heard that and he said Bebe I taught this to Sikander when he was a kid, he still remembers, he is Sikander gill for the world but for you he is your lil sika.

Amaira said dada teach me rockstar music but Sikander said, I will decide what to teach you now come on,Amira started playing with her puppy and said see even my dog loves my music, Sikander said leave it, don’t you want to learn? Amira run and Mom dada scolded me. Sikander said I can rule the world with my music but in my own house I am helpless, I wish God would give my daughter a little knowledge of music along with these luxuries too.

Kulfi was hungry, Mami gave her a plate full of food but kulfi ignored and left, Mami said you are upset with me no worries but have the food,kulfi asked, is this for me, Mami said who else then,kulfi said does this have poison, Nihalo said everyone take me as a villain here,kulfi dear come to me, you know I love you, have this food, Mami cooked this for you,I made it for you specially for you.

Lovely shouted Sikander and said how dare you shout at my daughter,did my dad ever shout at you,you never knew a single word of English, how dare you shout at my daughter. Sikander said Amira is my daughter too and if I won’t then who will help her,she has to learn to sing,Amira said dada thinks I am not worth singing,granny and lovely shouted at sikander. Sikander said don’t test my patience,Amira said you two are fighting on my birthday too and left.

Dadi said lovely you atleast let him teach her, you telling me I have no right to talk between father and daughter,dadi said you can but not when it comes to a teacher and student,even when mohendar use to teach sikander I never interrupted,lovely said what was the use of it,my dad made him a star,granny said yes my husband made Sikander a star and so he and your whole family can live in luxuries now.

Dadi said yes your husband made him a star and he did so because he was a business man but an artist sikander is because of mohendar and don’t ever forget that.

Kulfi was about to have a bite and remembered Nimrat said, Mami will force you to sing,she then said, I don’t want, Nihalo asked,why? kulfi said because I understood you are doing this to me to force me to sing,but I promised Ma I won’t sing and so I won’t, Nihalo said look, let’s have some food and then we will talk. kulfi said I will have food only when my Ma come, Nihalo got angry and said sing or else I will,kulfi said if you do this how will I sing and nihalo starred at her,kulfi said you can’t force me to sing.
Nihalo said go to hell then and walked away with the food.

Lovely said look how your mom is talking,this will spoil my daughter,something has to be done, Sikander said I will do as you say,lovely said either me or your family will stay in this house now. Sikander said okay and turned to Bebe,he said I will ask my poor family to leave but on one condition,lovely said agreed,I will do anything to throw them out. Sikander said I will leave my mom, you will have to leave your daughter,and now the choice is yours.

Kulfis tummy started making noise,she washed all the clothes and said the rats in my tummy stop troubling me we will have food only when Ma comes,she walked to her cattle bilo and said will you hear my song,I made it when I smelled mamis yummy food.

Nihalo was eating and said today kulfi will sing, Nimrat can only stop her when she is with her and started laughing.
Kulfi started singing for her cattle’s,she acted as if she was cooking,kaddu and her sister joined her and started dancing.

Kulfi asked tinda, where is Mami,they said don’t know, if your work is over come play with us,kulfi said if I will play, my hunger shall increase,tell me where Mami is,they said she went to meet the jagrata guys.kulfi said when I denied why did she go to meet them.

The Jagrata guy gave nihalo money and said are you sure kulfi will sing and her mom? Nihalo took the money and said don’t worry I know what to do.

Precap: Nimrat said kulfi you shall not cross this line and go out of the house.
Amira was singing at her birthday party, Sikander broke the glass and said stop it, don’t embarrass me anymore…Read more

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