Legally Blind Episode 39: Monday Pt1, 29 August 2022 On Adom Tv

“Edward moves Grace and her family into his townhouse while William becomes jealous seeing Edward and Grace together”

We begin tonight’s episode with William telling Cherie that Edward is a problem but he won’t allow it this time.

Edward apologized to Grace for fighting with William and Grace said she understands and she trusts Edward but she is just scared of Williams words. Edward assures he won’t let anything happen to her.

At home,Grace and her family smell something burning when they went to their compound it was a bonfire. They called the guards and they came to check it out. Edward arrives too and Grace tells him she can’t understand what’s going on but Edward tells her to calm down.

Marissa asks them what’s going on and Grace finally tells her and Nina about the threats from Marcus’friends. Inside the living room, Marissa tells Edward she is worried criminals are lurking around her family but Edward tells her to calm down because they will find the culprits. Grace tells Marissa to call charie to keep herself safe.

The next day, Edward tells Grace he will bring someone close to Marcus for questioning. After Edward leaves and Grace enters her living room she senses Williams presence and he said he is just there to check up on her and make sure she is safe because she is not safe in their house so she needs to go. Grace tells him she believes in Edward.

An arm£d man arrives at Grace’s house and begins to $hoot outside her house. Grace breaks down on the floor screaming and crying as William tries to calm her down almost getting on top of her. Edward arrives and pushes William off Grace and calms her down. Marissa and Nina come down the stairs asking what happened.

Edward calls the police as the whole family becomes worried they are all in danger. Edward tells them to move to his townhouse so they will be safe and they thank him.

At home, Willam tells charie that Marcus was the one who rap£d Grace and has a connection to the guπ man who was at her family’s home.

Edward helps Grace and the family pack up their things when charie comes rushing there that she is there to check up on them and they thank her. Edward said they will all stay at his townhouse so they will be safe.

Edward, Grace and her family arrive at the town house. William is present too and spies on Edward and Grace. Edward tells her their house is no longer safe for her or her family so it’s good if they stay there. Grace said she is scared of their safety and Edward tells her to cheer up because he will be with her every step the way and the townhouse is a nice place so he will be there when she needs him and even if she doesn’t as William looks at them…Read more

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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