Raghav Saves Pallavi From Goons. Light Of Love 23 February 2023, Thursday Pt1: Episode 43


The episode started with Raghav looking at Pallavi and said she is looking pretty today and then said wait she insulted this dress but she’s wearing it, she will be thrown out in 15 days.

Vijay was checking the arrangements, Pallavi said don’t worry I have checked, Vijay said you can do everything on your own why do you need elder’s advice. Vijay saw Raghav, he got angry and left. Pallavi’s dada saw the problem between Pallavi and Vijay and asked Pallavi if is all good.

Pallavi said yes and rush to Raghav, scolded him asked why is he here, Raghav said Sulochna invited him, Pallavi said she invites you as formality, we have happiness after a long time don’t mess it just leave, Raghav said stop giving yourself importance, here I am having my personal time so I don’t want you to bother me, Pallavi asked what personal time, Raghav said my… Amruta then called Raghav, Pallavi said what Amruta, stay away from her.

Raghav said sorry I didn’t play holi with you, Amruta said I am sorry, I got carried away, Raghav said it’s your sister’s sangeet, won’t you take me inside and he placed his hand forward, Amruta was very excited, held his hand and went inside. Pallavi said because of him Baba will get angry. Raghav said I forgot my wallet, Amruta you go ahead I will join you.

Deshmukh’s welcomed Rahul’s family. Rahul said to Mansi be ready to lose today, Telgu Panthers will win, Pallavi said Jandar Marathas will win come what may.
Nikhil and Amruta welcomed the guests and address them and began Telgu Panthers Vs Jandar Panthers and the judges are Rama Atya and Sangeeta Mami, from Rahul and Mansi’s side respectively.

Milind and Sulochana performed, Akash took chat for Jaya, Raghav walked to him and said firstly Amma doesn’t like chat, she is allergic and secondly I have warned you to stay away from Kirti, now I will tell you in my style, I am here to look after Kirti and Amma, he was about to raise his hand.

Amma walked to them, asked Akash to leave and scolded Raghav saying, this is a cultured people’s house, Kirti and Akash are just friends, stop embarrassing us, Pallavi saw them and said why was Jaya scolding Raghav and he was saying nothing, Raghav made plate of Idli for Jaya and left, Pallavi thinks why is he taking so much care of her.

Jaya was sitting on the table, Raghav said Amma your favorite Idli Wada, you are hungry too, please have it, Amma asked where is Sambar, Raghav said I will get it right away, Pallavi said no worries here it is, people with attitude have no knowledge about food, Amma said Pallavi you are very sweet, Jaya said to Pallavi.

Kirti told me you work hard for your shop, your hard work will surely count, short cut success doesn’t stay longer, Pallavi said very true and I know one person, Raghav said you shouldn’t talk when you eat, no one asked you, Amma said Pallavi never give up, all problems will go away.

Pallavi said never but there are some people who are threatening me and want me to leave this town and I will be happy only when I prove him wrong and that I won’t give up so easily. Amma said keep this fighting spirit and that man threatening you is a fool who is underestimating you, Raghav got angry and left. Amma got angry and said never understands how to behave, how will a mother relax with a son like this and Pallavi was shocked. Kirti walked to them and said yes Pallavi, he is my elder brother.

Rahul performed. Pallavi saw Raghav angry and restless, Mansi walked to her and said look, they are performing so well, we will loose like this, Pallavi said I will look after everything you don’t worry.

Krishna walked to Pallavi said there is a problem and took her away. Pallavi was on a call with Seema and said I will look after everything. Pallavi asked Krishan said she checked the quality, Krishna said yes, she did, Pallavi said the saree is leaving color and so Seema is asking for huge discount also I had given order late because you were not here and here in the house I was alone too, I can’t afford this, we need to check. Pallavi remembered Raghav’s words calling her a failure, Pallavi said I will go and meet…. Krishna said what about the function, Pallavi said if someone asked, just say I am working.

Precap: Nikhil’s friend told him in front of the whole family, he saw Pallavi with Raghav, Nikhil said let’s go, we will get her, Vijay said no one will get her and if they do they will see me dead.
Sharda found Pregnancy test report, Sulochana said it’s Pallavi’s, let’s go to the hospital and check…Read more

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