Light Of Love 27 January 2023, Friday Pt1: Episode 9


The episode started with Raghav getting to Pallavi’s shop and he walked to her, Pallavi asked, what do you want, Raghav said vegetables, Pallavi said look, this shop is like a temple to me, Raghav said then your customer is your God and I am a customer, Pallavi asked Krishna to look after him, Raghav said you will show me, Pallavi showed him options but he kept rejecting.

Raghv asked to drape and show a saree, Pallavi asked Krishna, Raghav said not her you will, Pallavi showed him and Raghav said nice, Pallavi said this is new stock, Raghav said pack all the new stock, Pallavi said what will you do with 30 sarees, Krishna said Pallavi do it, just give him we shouldn’t be worried, Raghav dropped tea on his shoe purposely and wiped with the new saree.

Pallavi said what nonsense is this, these are hand crafted sarees, Raghav threw money at her and said these sarees are mine will do anything with them, Farhad give these to a car cleaner, house sweepers, Pallavi said these are my sarees and not garbage don’t insult someone’s work, Raghav then tore one saree.

Pallavi said please do not do this, Raghav said for the first time in 5 years I have loss in business and it’s because of you, my life, my business and if you again cross my ways I won’t spare you, while leaving Pallavi’s saree vale got stuck in Raghav’s jacket, he removed it and left.

Pallavi picked Raghav’s mone, walked to him and said damage saree cost is 3200/- and here is the balance, Raghav said I don’t take money back, Pallavi said and I don’t take charity, give it to someone who needs it, I run my business with self-respect and she left, Raghav was going back to answer her but Farhad stopped him and said she is not like other girls, I have an idea, this will get her money and no insult of yours.

Krishna asked Pallavi to leave for Kelvan, she will manage the shop, Pallavi picked Sharda’s call and said yes I will get ear rings on my way back, we will give Mansi the best Kelvan, Pallavi was then thinking how she will manage now.

Everyone was at Deshmukh’s house busy with Mansi’s Kelvan arrangements, Abhishek asked Nikhil will he post the functions video, Nikhil said he is thinking of it, Abhishek said do a thing, do a voice over, buy a smart phone, this will be good for your business, Nikhil said Pallavi didi already does a lot, Pallavi walked in and praised Nikhil and Abhishek’ s work, she showed jewelry to Sharda, Abhishek said look Nikhil she is getting jewelry and you aren’t getting a phone.

Pallavi and Sharda gave Mansi Jhumka and she loved it, Sulcohana took Pallavi’s picture giving Jhumka to Mansi, Sharda said Mansi give this to Pallavi, she will gift it to you in the Kelvan ceremony, Sulcohana walked to Sharda and said very nice Jhumka. Sharda told Pallavi someone is here to see you.

Pallavi checked and it was Farhad and Raghav, Raghav said I am here to do charity and sends gift to Pallavi’s house, your small shop said you need lot of money, Pallavi said I welcome guests at shop and you are unwelcomed guest here, you asked me not to cross ways and so please don’t, Sharda walked out and thinks Pallavi got it all and called Raghav delivery boy asking him to shift it inside, Raghav said we are not delivery boys, Farhad said actually we just deliver we don’t shift, Sharda said I will complain against you, Pallavi laughed at Raghav and he left angry.

Pallavi tried to talk to Sharda but she said later the guests are arriving and said today I will show Sulochana how Kelvan is made,Sharda, Pallavi, Mansi performed at Mansi’s, Pallavi remembered her past and everyone cheered her up, the whole family celebrated together, Rahul and his family arrived.

Pallavi said I don’t want any favour from Raghav but because of him Sharda was happy, I will return his favour.
Sulochana was waiting for Jagdish.

Raghav came home angry and Anjali rushed to him and asked why did you spoil my life, you ruined my marriage, I loved Sunil and just wanted some fun before the wedding, why did you do that, Raghav said because I liked you a lot and so I thought I will spoil your marriage but now I feel guilty let me…

Anjali said why didn’t you tell me that you liked me, I would break up with him right away, Raghav slapped her and said this is why I ruined your marriage you liar, all you girls love is Just fun for the sake of money, now just get lost.

Raghav got a call from Maria, he scolded her not to call there and said okay see you at 12 tomorrow and remember it’s a secret meeting and no one should know about it.

Milind saw Pallavi lost and said let’s go Vijay, dada is calling you, Sharda asked Pallavi for Jhumka, Jagdish walked in and Pallavi got scared.

Precap: Pallavi said to Sharda that she will come back soon, Sulochana diverted her asking her to go and keep the gifts in the room. Pallavi looked for Jagdish and saw him with Vijay…Read more

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