Sittu To Sneak Kulfi To Her Father. Little Singer Kulfi 10 August 2022, Wednesday Pt1: Episode 25



The Episode started with Lovely not checking the trunk and drove off. Kulfi asked where would she be taking me. Sikandar was playing music and singing. Amyra came from school and run to him. She said I love this song, I want to sing like you, please teach me, I will learn it as a good girl, then you will tell in a party that your daughter is best. He hugged her and said I will definitely teach you. Kulfi wished Sattu was with her.

Sattu asked a baba about Lovely’s car and the Baba said a similar car passed just now, donate something while giving. Sattu saw Nihalo coming and said I will give you anything you want, just do my work. Kulfi said I am in a big trouble, please do something Lord.

Lovely stopped the car and said there is a tree lying in the middle of the road, what kind of village is this. She drove back, Nihalo saw Sattu and asked him to stop. She threw a stone and hits him. She saw the baba and be run, Sitaram said he is not your husband.

Nihalo said I can see it, I will not leave Sattu and Kulfi, I think they went home. Sitaram said he won’t risk to take Kulfi home. Sattu got disguised of a baba,he saw Lovely’s car and said Kulfi. Lovely said I can hear the voice again, I should check. Minty said I am feeling scared, I heard the highways have ghosts, don’t stop the car.

Sattu got some goats on the road to stopped her car and Lovely stopped the car. Sattu said just wait for two mins, then I will take all the goats and Kulfi heard him. Sattu got Kulfi out of the dickey and Lovely left.

Kulfi said you did amazing magic today, you should make costumes in Ram leela next year and Sattu smiled. She asked where are we going. Sikandar was teaching Amyra and she felt sleepy. He said you are tired, go and rest. She said whenever I ask you to teach something new, you teach me this boring tune.

He said Sa re ga ma is music’s ACBD. She asked did Rihanna and Justin Bieber sing this before singing songs. He said no, I should teach it to you in your preferred language, come and he sung in her language. They sang Do Re Mi Fa…. She got a call from Lovely but disconnected. Lovely said Amyra isn’t answering, it’s Sikandar’s mistake, this time I won’t leave him.

She saw Sikandar’s pic over some truck. Kulfi saw the same truck and run. The man stopped the truck and asked you here, I came in search of you to give you Sikandar’s pic, have it. He gave the pic to her and said I fulfilled my promise. She hugged the pic and Sattu thinks of Nihalo’s words.

Kulfi asked did you go to Sikandar’s house. The man said yes, his house is very big and she smiled. Sattu asked can you give me Sikandar’s address, I am Kulfi’s Mama, I will make her meet Sikandar and the man gave him the address on his hand.

Kulfi smiled and thinks of Sikandar. She said had my mum seen you at home, she would have been glad. Sattu said come, we are getting late, you won’t need this pic now and they left. They reached the railway station and Kulfi run to see the train. She asked are we going somewhere.

Sattu said Mumbai, you will be staying with your dad now. Sikandar narrated a story to Amyra, she became sad and slept. Lovely came there and recalled Kulfi. She packed Amyra’s bag and he asked what happened, answer me. She woke up Amyra but he said she just slept. Lovely said we have to go, come on, get up.

Sattu said Kulfi, after what your aunt did today, I realized your dad can save you, your aunt can’t reach there, nothing bad can happen to you there, your dad can manage you and your mum’s memories well, what happened.

She said mum didn’t wish me to go to dad, if I go to him, mum will be much hurt. He said no, she knew that I will be the only one to think for your betterment, your aunt will try to trouble you, will your mum get happy. She said no. He said we will run from here before your aunt knows.

Sattu said we have to hide from Nihalo and Sitaram till we board the train and Kulfi saw Nihalo. Sikandar stopped Amyra but Lovely said she is my daughter and left with Amyra…Read more