Kulfi Displays Her Talent To Roshan. Little Singer Kulfi 13 September 2022, Tuesday Pt1: Episode 74


The episode started with Roshan asking Mahinder if there is any problem, Cutie said not at all and purposely dropped a ketchup,Cutie showed him the washroom and Sikander came there, Sikander said i know what you and Lovely are upto but i will make Kulfi sing. Lovely tried to convince Dadi but Dadi denied to help her.

Jagira, left and right tried to convince Kulfi to sing,Kulfi said i can’t,Amyra is already so upset, i can’t do this to her,Jagira said everything Amyra is getting you deserve it, it was your voice, Daddy walked in and warned Kulfi not to sing.

Sikander told RK it’s was not Amyra who sang and i want you to know who the real singer is and left. RK said where is Lovely, she cheated me. Amyra locked herself and denied to open door,she said i will open the door only when Kulfi denies to sing infront of RK, Lovely said i will fulfill all your dreams trust me, please come out.Lovely saw Sikander walk with Kulfi,Kulfi said please i am happy to sing for Amyra don’t do this i promised her.

Sikander said what will happen when you leave with your father, if i was your father, i would never like you doing this,every parent dreams for their kids,think about your father, will they like someone else to be superstar instead of their son?

Sikander said just do what i say,you will sing today,Kulfi looked at Lovely and left. Everyone gathered in the hall,Kulfi kept saying no. RK said Sikander he is your servant’s grandson right,i don’t believe, Sikander said i knew you won’t that why i asked you to come here,Kulfi come on sing.

Kulfi saw daddy and Lovely starring at her, Sikander said Kulfi calm down,RK said he can’t speak and you saying he will sing, Sikander said he is just scared, let me talk to her and he said Kulfi calm down and sing but Kulfi said i can’t sing.

Sikander hugged Kulfi, took her aside and said you are thinking a lot, don’t do that, just calm down,jclose your eyes, forget everything,don’t think,forget everyone and the memories of your mother, she will give you strength to sing.

Kulfi thinks of Nimrat asking her not to sing and started crying again,and said i can’t sing,i feel stuck, please i am sorry, I can’t sing and was about to leave, Sikander held her hand and started singing,Kulfi tried hard to leave his hand and closed her ears, Sikander then made her hear the song.

Amyra walked out and came to the hall,she saw Sikander struggling for Kulfi and became very angry,Kulfi joined him singing and they were all surprised.

Lovely was very angry.Kulfi finished the song and started crying.Sikander hugged her to calm her down.Kulfi looked at Amyra and left Sikander. She was about to leave but Sikander stopped her and made her stand in front of RK.

Sikander asked RK how did he find the voice, doesn’t he have that spark.

Precap : Kulfi said Amyra fight with me scold me,but dont be quite.Amyra said dirty boy go and sing, do whatever you want to do but just let my dad be mine…Read more

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