Sikander To Accept Kulfi Back As His Daughter. Little Singer Kulfi 14 February 2023, Tuesday Pt1: Episode 287


The episode started with Mia thinking about who must have contacted the home minister and said of course it’s Sikander, how will he let his daughter go so easily, now I will make him reveal this truth on his own. She saw Sikander in her office and said I was wondering, kids like Kulfi and friends who are criminals, Sikander said kulfi isn’t a criminal, Mia said sorry don’t feel bad but that’s what everyone said and how did the home minister learn about this, who must have involved him, who do you think.

Sikander said I don’t know, Mia said I know it’s you and showed him a clip where kulfi took his blessings without anyone’s notice, Mia said you can keep lying and we both know the truth,who is Kulfi to you. Sikander asked why are you doing it, your work is to run this show, drama TRP and controversy makes show but my life isn’t your show so please keep it that way, your show is good, don’t spoil it and he left. Mia said it’s a reality show and I will show the reality to the audience and in the next round, you will reveal it on your own.

Every parent in then show judged kulfi and her friends, Sikander was about to help but Amyra stopped him, Sikander thinks I can’t see pain in my daughters eyes, what will I do to cheer you. Mia came and addressed everyone and said as home minister addressed us, i would pass it that same, these kids might have ran away from remand home but they are kids, so cheer up and continue your practice with your guru for nostalgia round, Sikander thinks I can’t see you this way Kulfi, I have to do something to cheer you up, Sikander said Amyra stay here I will get something to eat.

Mia asked mahesh to focus on training the kids and no other consequences as it could be the winning team. The crew got the kids ice cream, Kulfi remembered an old episode, where she complained to Sikander how she feels weird in her new school and felt left out, Sikander said stay here I have a solution, he got her Vanilla ice cream and said it’s Chandu Kalia, it cures every sadness and Kulfi loves it.

Kulfi smiled looking at the ice cream and handed each to her friends and explained Sikander’s philosophy to them, Sikander smiled seeing her smile. Amyra was also having ice cream. Mia was handed a black suitcase, by falana, Mia said good, nostalgia and these old mics will look good on stage and will do our work on stage too, don’t tell dhimkana about it she is emotional about those kids.

Sikander called lovely and thanked her for helping. Lovely started crying and said I really did very bad with you, Kulfi and my own baby, don’t thank me please, I am really regretting, I can’t live like this, Sikander said enough, if you can convince someone it’s Kulfi, if she can forgive you, may be your regret can reduce, you have filled so much hatred in Amyra look what she has turned into and poor kulfi look how she is surviving. Amyra heard them talk and walked in and asked what were you talking about, Sikander said your next round, what’s pending, Amyra said rehearsals, Sikander said come on then.

Mahesh walked to kulfi and her friends and said let’s forget the past, you are still part of this competition and your aim should be to win, I have to see the fire in you. Amyra asked what is menacing of nostalgia, Sikander explained, it’s missing or reviving old memories. Amyra asked what song will we sing then, Sikander remembered, ones kulfi run to him laughing hard and said I saw Amyra dancing on this song bang bang.

Sikander said I love this song too, Kulfi started dancing, Sikander was thinking of kulfi, got up and said sorry and told Amyra about the song, Amyra said omg I love this song, I have danced on this song so many times, Sikander said I know, Amyra said that’s because you are my dad.

Mahesh said old songs have heavy emotions because time flied never comes back, Kulfi said I know one old song which my Baba taught me, shall I, mahesh said sure, Mia said Sikander the time to speak up truth is here.

Pre cap : Kulfi was singing, she got shocked by the mic and fainted…Read more

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