Kulfi Arrives At Sikander’s Residence. Little Singer Kulfi 15 August 2022, Monday Pt1: Episode 31



The Episode started with Kulfi shouting to Sikandar and be turned. The man stopped her and starred at her. Kulfi run away while the man was talking to someone else. Lovely was playing cards with her friends. She showed her cards and heard taunts from them. The lady said Sikandar is a superstar, your diet isn’t affected, men get bored. Lovely’s mum stopped Lovely from reacting while the ladies gossip.

Lovely’s friend Minty supported her and answered all the ladies about their spouses. She said everything is perfect between Lovely and Sikandar. Lovely said I don’t care, Sikandar is here because of my dad, Amyra is my daughter, I have asked her with whom she wants to live, she has chosen me, she said she is happy with me.

Amyra came and said no, I can’t stay here, I am not happy without dad, I want to go to him. The ladies smiled and left. Kulfi said I couldn’t meet Sikandar. She talked to a star and got answers. Sikandar came there and tied the thread. Kulfi also made a wish. Lovely became angry when Amyra said, I feel ashamed in front of my friends, why don’t you listen to dad, he is apologizing to you.

I can’t stay away from him, everyone has noticed my pic and asked me why am I here, what shall I tell them, I haven’t posted any story with dad, my teacher wrote a bad remark, I am angry, I get more likes as his daughter, rather than being your daughter, I wish I chose him instead of you, my life is ruined and Lovely became shocked.

Kulfi saw Sikandar when he was leaving and she run after him calling him out. People took pictures of him and left in his car. She asked him to wait and run after his car. A constable stopped Kulfi and asked what’s inside the bag. Kulfi said my mum’s clothes, the constable asked, where does she stay. Kulfi looked at the sky,she said yes and pointed to the apartment where Sikandar lives, the constable said fine, go, don’t run on the road.

She said Sikandar will help me find my dad, such a big house, the entire village will be accommodated here,she saw the security systems and entered the place. She said I want to go to Sikandar’s house and she talked cutely to the guard. He said many people come to meet Sikandar, it doesn’t mean he also wants to meet everyone.

He said I will call him and take permission, then you can go there, you can’t break the rules. She said I will break the rules, I can break walnuts and sugarcanes too. He said you talk too much, stay here, I will call him and ask. She said her name Kulfi,and the guard called Sikandar. Sikandar smiled seeing Lovely and Amyra at home.

He didn’t answer the call and went to hug Amyra. Amyra said I am back and I brought mum, we will stay together and he thanked her. He thanked Lovely for her big favor but she said, I haven’t forgiven you, I am here only for Amyra, I will stay here if you agree to my conditions. He said conditions are for deals, not for marriage. She argued with him and asked him to sign the divorce papers if he has any problem. He asked what do you want.

She said you have to tolerate your tone, I will monitor you, you will need an approval from me for everything and he joked. He said I know I have hurt you a lot, I will regain your trust and she left. The phone rang again, a servant answered and told the guard that Sikandar doesn’t want any kulfi. The guard asked Kulfi to leave and she cried looking at the apartment.

Sikandar talked to Amyra and smiled. She said I don’t have a sibling, I won’t need to share you and mom with anyone, I am your only princess and he asked her to sleep. She said we will take a goodnight selfie. He said we become friends with a person by understanding. She said please, I will do it later and took a selfie.

She said I should have chosen you, it’s better, I will choose you next time if mom asked me again. He said this situation will never arise,I promise, good night. Kulfi stayed outside and felt cold. She said everyone has gotten somewhere to go, I will not lose and she thought about crossing the barrier.

Kulfi became scared by a dog. She the dog and reached Sikandar’s house…Read more