Lovely Poisons Amyra’s Mind Against Kulfi. Little Singer Kulfi 18 November 2022, Friday Pt1: Episode 164


The Episode started with Kulfi getting excited to go to school. She told him that she will read everything on her own when she studies in the school, nobody can lie to me next time. Tevar asked her who has lied to her but she changed the topic. She told him that she will talk to everyone in English and plans to meet her uncle. Sikandar asked Amyra to get ready for school. He wished that they go to school as sisters. Amyra told him that Kulfi can just be her friend, not sister.

Sikandar recollected some good memories of Chirauli and Nimrat and Amyra turned upset. He asked her to get ready fast and prepared her for school. He told her that he has packed tiffin for Kulfi as well and Amyra got disappointed. Tevar made Kulfi ready for the school and combed her hair. She got dressed in the uniform and was singing all the while.

Lovely stoped Amyra from telling anything to Sikandar. Tevar called Kulfi his smart daughter and Sikandar answered Amyra. Lovely found Amyra upset. She stopped Sikandar from talking to Amyra, so that she can fill poison in her mind against Kulfi.

Amyra doesn’t want to lose a good friend, she recollected the fun time with Kulfi and shared her sorrow with Lovely. She doesn’t want Sikandar to become Kulfi’s dad. Lovely explained to her that she would have to hide this truth, she told her that they will try to make Kulfi away, so that Sikandar doesn’t bond with her,she made Amyra afraid and insecure of Kulfi.

She got praising Kulfi to anger Amyra more. She asked Amyra to oppose Kulfi’s admission, else there will be just comparison made between them. Kulfi was waiting for Amyra and became emotional. Lovely asked Amyra to stop Kulfi’s school admission and guided Amyra on how to do it.

Sikandar and Tevar took the girls to school. Kulfi was confident, Amyra tried to lower her morale but Sikandar boosted her morale. Amyra then made a plan to fail Kulfi’s admission. She framed Kulfi in a cheating case but Sikandar and Tevar defended Kulfi so that she gets admission

Precap : Sikandar and Tevar defended Kulfi so that she gets admission. Kulfi said sorry to the teacher and says she only wants to study but Teacher told them, i cannot accept this type of student on my school…Read more

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