Sikander Wins Over Tevar. Little Singer Kulfi 18 October 2022, Tuesday Pt1: Episode 123


The episode started with Kulfi and Sikandar looking at each other and became emotional. Sikandar was about to go to Kulfi but Amayra held his hand. Tevar confronted Lovely and asked her, why she is ignoring Kulfi although she is her own daughter. He asked Lovely to come back to him with Amayra.

Mohender’s wife saw Tevar and Lovely talking and wondered what was going on between them. Sikandar was about to meet Kulfi but Tevar came in the way. He then asked Kulfi to give him a kiss for good luck. Sikandar saw this and was overwhelmed. Amayra asked Sikandar if he is sure he can win Dahi handi for her.

Sikandar told Amayra that he can do anything for her. The dahi handi competition started. Tevar wished best of luck to Sikandar. Amayra told Kulfi that today she will know whether her father loves her or not,she said that she has asked her father to win for her. Kulfi asked Amayra not to put conditions for her father’s love and prayed that neither Tevar nor Sikandar should fall.

Tevar and Sikandar started climbing the human pyramid. Kulfi run away and cried. Mohender confronted Kulfi and asked her if she is scared. Kulfi said that she just does not like anything after meeting her father,she said that she does not know for whom to pray, Sikandar or Tevar.

Mohender asked Kulfi to close her eyes and pray for the one whom she wants to win. She then thinks of Sikandar winning. Amayra cheered for Sikandar. Kulfi thinks that Amayra will not be happy if Sikandar does not win and wondered how to make Sikandar win. She started dancing and suddenly fell to the ground and called out to Tevar.

Tevar went rushing to Kulfi before he could break the dahi handi. Sikandar reached the dahi handi and broke it. Tevar saw Kulfi clapping for Sikandar and became annoyed. Sikandar happily hugged Amayra. Tevar looked angrily at Kulfi and rushed home. Kulfi then felt bad for Tevar. Mohender asked Kulfi for whom did she pray for and she said Sikandar and she rushed after Tevar. Sikandar and Amayra took the trophy.

Sweety congratulated Amayra but asked Amayra to make Sikandar promise that Kulfi will never returns to their house and she went after Sikandar. Amayra saw Sikandar going to Kulfi. Kulfi and Sikandar were talking in sign language asking each other if they are ok. Amayra became angry and broke the trophy.

Lovely asked Amayra what happened. Amayra said that she cannot forget how they forgot her for Kulfi. Sikandar asked Amayra to give him any punishment and she asked Sikandar to promise her that he will never allow Kulfi in their house again.

Mohender told Lovely that Kulfi is Sikandar’s daughter and Mohender’s wife hears them. Kulfi came to Sikandar’s house and Sikandar told her that she cannot come uninvited, she should go back and Kulfi was hurt….Read more

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