Sikander Acts Strange After Accident. Little Singer Kulfi 22 February 2023, Wednesday Pt2: Episode 300


The episode started with Mohendar saying, Sikander I know you looking for Bebe but she was so disturbed she went to Darbaar sahib. Sikander said I have gods blessings that I am here, big bro, Kulfi said why are you calling him that. Gunjan said Sikander may god give you blessings, Kulfi thinks, is baba upset with me, why is he behaving this way, let me take a step.

Sikander said every day in the hospital I prayed that I get home and have food with everyone, Mohendar said why wait then let’s go, Jonny barked at Sikander and Amyra scolded him, Sikander said may be he isn’t liking the hospital smell all over me and tried to pick Jonny but Jonny run away, Kulfi thinks why did Jonny run away.

Sikander had food with Amyra and fed her, Kulfi felt left out and was in tears, Amyra liked it. Lovely saw kulfi upset, Amyra said dad I baked you cake, Sikander said wow how pretty let’s have it, I want a big bite and said so yummy, what a cake, I have never had such yummy cake it took away all medicines bitterness.

Kulfi said I made pinni for you, Sikander said not now, I don’t feel like it and everyone was surprised, Sikander said I mean I just had cake so not now, I am tired, Gunjan said yes go and rest. Lovely said Amyra go take dad to his room.

Sikander walked in his room and said what a room, I missed this room a lot, my favorite room, Kulfi said but you like the music room, Sikander said not anymore but I won’t be able to sing anymore so what will I do with that room, Kulfi held his hand and said you sing with your heart so I know you will sing back soon.

we will begin rehearsals from tomorrow, Sikander said I know I can’t, I want to move forward so I have taken decision, I shall never sing anymore. Mohinder said don’t think of all this, take rest, Kulfi tried to talk, Mohendar said kulfi let him rest now, let’s go.

Lovely said Sikander you rest I will get you your medicines. Lovely told Mohendar I spoke to the doctor that Sikander is behaving wired, he said Sikander is stressed so that the reason for changed in behavior, and we need to give him space, Gunjan said all is fine but poor kulfi, Lovely said don’t worry, Sikander is home, soon he will patch with Kulfi too, we need to be patient.

Sikander was in his room, lovely walked in and said here your tablets, have them good night, Sikander said lovely where are you going, he walked to her, held her hand and said come sit with me love, and she remembered her last fight with Sikander, Amyra saw kulfi’s sweets in the fridge and felt very happy.

Kulfi walked to Amyra and amyra said oh how sad, dad had my cake, hugged me, don’t be sad, I wIll explain TO you, he has spent more time with me, so I am his favorite you aren’t, I guess he learned it, it’s me and not you, Kulfi felt bad and left.

Lovely said do you want something, Sikander said yes I want you, Sikander thinks, why is she so scared, and said I am home after so long, didn’t even meet you properly, I was unwell but I am fine now Lovely, everything is fine.

Lovely said we are happy to have you back, please rest now, Sikander said come then, Lovely said Amyra doesn’t sleep without me, so I will be with her, you sleep well, Lovely thinks, why is he so sweet, may be he has forgiven me, I am so happy,

Amyra said mom I want to ask god for a wish, that the way he is giving me attention, he should keep doing and not love Kulfi more than me, if god grants me this wish I will never buy new toy, Lovely said you don’t have to do so, calm down, your dad loves you and will never forget you, Kulfi heard that and run away. Lovely walked to kulfi, saw her upset and crying and said I Know you heard us, but you know what.

you are very matured than Amyra is and it’s unfair that it’s always you who have to face hardship, don’t feel bad about Amyra, she just gets jealous because she has to share her dad, she will eventually learn that, you saved Amyra’s life, give her some time too, we all will need time to settle with these changes, Kulfi asked why did he ignore me and Lovely hugged her.

Pre cap : Sikander walked out of his room and saw kulfi but walked away, Kulfi woke up, saw Sikander awake and felt bad…Read more

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