Sikander To Come Up With New Album. Little Singer Kulfi 22 May 2023, Monday Pt2: Episode 425


The episode began with Kulfi asking a man if he had seen someone pick a gold coin, The man replied no, that he was busy selling eggs. They went back home disappointed. Amyra asked Kulfi, what will we do now? They then discouraged each other to forget about it. Sikander asked, what’s wrong, why is everyone so upset? Kulfi replied, we lost the gold coin.

Raju mummy said, it’s just a gold coin, forget about it, someone might have taken it. Sikander added, it’s impossible to find it. Kulfi and Amyra said, but you always told us not to lose hope and Sikander said, then don’t lose hope, go find it, try hard and find it. Sikander thinks, I know you will pass this test of mine, I have to teach you these life lessons before I go.

He showed the girls how everyone at the chawl is celebrating Dhanteras. He said, it is hope that they are keeping up, shouldn’t we? He then left. Kulfi and Amyra prayed and said, we won’t give up. Sikander, Raju and Sandy looked at Mohsin khan’s jewelries and the black money.

Sikander met Mohsin khan later and proposed an idea to make a song and feature him in it. Mohsin agreed and said, Ram Mohan Lakhan Pal raided my house. Sikander said, he is my uncle and Mohsin said, please talk to him.

Sikander said, Mohsin my uncle agreed to return to you your stuff. A man came running to Yusuf for help, he told him about his bike being stolen and someone who eats 100 eggs have taken it to his Akhada.

Raju as Ram Lakhan Pal, gave Moshin his stuff and then asked, how much are you taking from Sikander? He replied nothing, it for free.
Back then, Kulfi had an idea, she talked to her friends and said, our coin may be with Mahabali Akhada, we need to take it from them.

Raju asked Sikander, why did we take this amount as bribe? sikander replied, we will use it for my new album. Raju got a call and he informed Yusuf about the bike.

The girls went to Mahabali Akhada. Raju got a call from the bike man that there was a mistake. The Wrestlers were hitting Yusuf, the girls saw it and became scared. Raju told Sikander that Yusuf has no brains, he ventured into the wrestlers and is being hit.

The kids rushed to the wrestlers and asked them to stop. Kulfi was scolding the wrestlers while Mahabali walked to kulfi and said, how dare you come here and mess with me, this is my area. The kids got scared and left with Yusuf.

Mahabali started seeing what everyone had robbed, Kulfi also saw their gold coin in it.

Precap ; Amyra and Kulfi were happy about Sikander’s new album and they decided to get the coin on their own and not involve Sikander…Read more

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