Kulfi Gets A Vision About Sikander. Little Singer Kulfi 23 February 2023, Thursday Pt1: Episode 301


The episode begins with Kulfi at the place Sikander had the accident, she sees Sikander and converse with him. Sikander bends down and opens his arm as Kulfi runs to hug him, Kulfi wakes up and realizes it was all a dream. Kulfi asks his mother to show her the way why her father is behaving this way with her. Sikander wakes up and doses off infront of Sikander’s room. Sikander sees her but ignores Kulfi. Kulfi realizes the door is opened and followed him. Kulfi sees Sikander drinking and wipes her tears and confronts him. Kulfi asks why is he drinking and behaving weird.

Sikander looks at kulfi in anger and said shut up or else i shall kill you, go to sleep and don’t utter a word to anyone. kulfi was scared and run away.

Kulfi drew her dream in her book, she walked out with it and said god it’s such a big puzzle, he doesn’t seem like my father, Amyra said because he is my dad and now you questioning him, when he is giving me all the attention, enough of your nonsense, he has learnt it’s just me.

Kulfi’s paper flew and fell nears Sikander’s picture. Amyra went to lovely and said mom, dad will go with kulfi and i don’t want to, lovely said your dad said he wants to go just with you and Amyra was excited.

Lovely got debit messages and was in shock, Amyra and Sikander walked in, Amyra said we shopped a lot, kulfi saw them together and felt bad. Lovely asked, you using my card, Sikander said yes i didn’t find my wallet, Amyra knew where your card was and i got her lot of dresses, lovely said i shall go and check.

Mohendar walked to Sikander and asked didn’t you buy anything for kulfi, Sikander said why for her, kulfi felt bad and started crying. Sikander and Amyra were having pizza, kulfi saw them and thinks, baba never liked it, how come he is having it, lovely said your wallet, Sikander said i don’t remember the card details, kulfi thinks he remembers every single details, how come he forgot this. lovely said okay no issues.

we will inform the banks to change the pin. lovely got a fork and asked Sikander to sign. kulfi found everything fishy, she walked to Sikander and asked do you remember this place. Sikander remembered his accident and said no I don’t and got angry saying I am forgetting things, Mohinder and lovely calmed him down, kulfi started crying and Mohinder hugged her

precap : Amyra shouted at kulfi and said don’t you understand he doesn’t love you, get lost.
Kulfi was at the accident spot with her friends…Read more

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