Amyra Puts Kulfi In Danger. Little Singer Kulfi 25 November 2022, Friday Pt1: Episode 174


The Episode started with Tevar singing, the producer said there’s something missing, Tevar looked at Kulfi’s note from school and said what all is this happening I am not getting it. Tevar got a call and he asked for a break, the producer got upset and scolded him, Tevar said I am coming right away sorry, Tevar said my daughter is waiting outside school, please i will be back and he got into an argument the producer.

Amyra narrated her experience in school and said Kulfi got punishment again, Sikander asked why, lovely said chill, all kids get punishment, Sikander said it’s different, Amyra asked why, Sikander said it’s new for kulfi. Tevar called Sikander and said why did you do so, why did you leave Kulfi alone in school.

Sikander said i have no idea, lovely went to get the kids, Tevar said whatever, see I need help, there’s all mess, meet me, I am leaving kulfi home just take care of her, Sikander said i will. Sikander asked lovely and Amyra what all is this, he got upset and left. Lovely said Amyra baby ,Amyra also got upset.

Tevar dropped kulfi and said I am sorry, i have to leave but i will return home early, kulfi asked is everything okay, Tevar said at times things get difficult but you don’t worry, i will manage, you stay happy, Kulfi thinks, I shouldn’t be troubling him, all the best and thinks i won’t trouble him.

Amyra was studying with lovely helping her, lovely started creating negative images about kulfi and created differences between her and kulfi. lovely said if you tell your dad about kulfi’s deadline, he will start spending more time with her and their bond will increase and so your dad will be her’s , see the future baby, Amyra said he is my dad, what will i do.

kulfi prayed to god to help her study, the master asked kulfi to rest a bit, kulfi said no I can’t, please help me study and the master said okay. Kulfi got confused but started practicing and said oh how will remember these. Sikander walked to Kulfi and said sorry. He said i apologize on behalf of kulfi.

Kulfi said I am sorry too, you and baba worked so hard but I am failing and told him about the deadline. Amyra saw kulfi crying and Sikander consoling her. Kulfi said i want to tell maam that I am capable and want to study, Sikander said come on cheer up, i will help you.

Amyra walked into kulfi’s room and said I will never allow her to steal my dad,no books means no studies, she picked her books and by mistake they fall on a lamp and caught fire, Amyra saw Kulfi coming and hid.

Kulfi entered the room and saw the books burning, she shouted and Sikander rushed in. Amyra said god she will burn herself. Sikander pulled kulfi away and threw his jacket on the books to stop the fire. Kulfi burnt her hand, Sikander picked her and took her away.

Tevar had to give away his car and was claimed of not paying EMI, Tevar said i did and got into an argument. Sikander helped Kulfi band aid her wound. Sikander said look your studies are important but that doesn’t mean you harm yourself, me and your baba can’t see you in pain.

Precap: Amyra told lovely that she is guilty, while they were talking, Sikander was listening…Read more

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