Kulfi Defies Nimrat & Goes To Sing. Little Singer Kulfi 28 July 2022, Thursday Pt1: Episode 7


The episode started with the audience commenting, will this kid sing?” Kulfi’s siblings asked, what are you doing here bua asked you not to sing,and Kulfi said God such a big fraud.

Lovely welcomed all her guest for amyras party,Amyra made a grand entry and lovely said here comes India’s next singing sensation, my Amyra.

Bhala asked kulfi to sing and kulfi said promise me that you shall give me the CD,bhala said yes I will just sing now,the audience said, what will this little girl sing,lovely to guest said, I am so proud to be her mother, someone said, I am sure she has the same talent as Sikander and lovely said yes she does.

Kulfi began the song,the audience became calm and took thier seat. Nimrat was running to the jagrata and Nihalo followed her, Nimrat reached the venue, heard kulfi singing and walked in, seeing kulfi singing style it reminded her of Sikander. Nimrat was about to call her but Nihalo held her mouth and said if you open your mouth even I shall tell kulfi that Sikander Singh Gil is her father and Nimrat became shocked.

The guest asked, where’s sikander,lovely said he is busy with recording let’s cut the cake then, Dadi said stop, sikander is home why cut cake without him, the guest said sikander is home but not attending the birthday party, what all this lovely? Amyra said mom do I have to wait,lovely said actually he was back from recording but has a concert tomorrow and I didn’t want to make him tired but let me get him.

Bhai said lovely don’t leave amyra alone, it’s her birthday,you stay with her I will get sikander,lovely said no, thank you, your mom has already insulted me and I know you will go and make sikander against me and he will create a scene here so let me get him.

Nimrat was in shock and started coughing,kulfi saw her and bhala became scared. Kulfi rushed to Nimrat and said sorry ma I shall never sing Ma,sorry Ma, to the audience started creating nuisance and said they want to hear song or they shall break the whole stage,bhala requested kulfi to sing and said to Nihalo, if kulfi doesn’t sing I want my money back and also all the money of the mess created here. Nihalo whispered to Nimrat, ask her to sing or else I will tell her to sing.

Kulfi hugged Nimrat and said I am sorry Ma please I shall never sing, Nimrat said you will sing kulfi and kulfi was surprised, Nimrat then shouted, if you don’t want to see your mother dead then go and sing,kulfi said you don’t like me to sing then why now, Nihalo said when she is asking you to sing then why ask questions,kulfi said enough of what I sang now,not anymore, Nihalo said Nimrat tell her or else I will tell her the truth.

Nimrat shouted at kulfi and asked her to sing. Sikander was in the store and opened a trunk which had tanpura, he was very happy to see it,he remembered rehearsing on it with his brother during thier childhood days and hugged it,lovely walked in and said what are you doing with this guitar thing, Sikander said it’s tanpura and will gift this to amyra,this will take her down to the roots,lovely said this thing,show me and she breaks it. She said, firstly Amyra won’t touch any dirty thing and be a responsible dad and be present at your daughters party and stop acting mad and pulled him out.

Kulfi looked at Nimrat,she shouted go sing,and Kulfi walked to the stage.

Amyra cuts the cake but she doesn’t give it to sikander,lovely because of the media gave it to sikander and called amyra for pictures,and later introduced her to the guest and said this is Roshan Kumar, very famous director, composer and she wished Amyra happy birthday.

Sikander was walking away,lovely stopped him and said stop disappointing me and introduce my baby Amyra as a superstar. I hope you get it Gil,granny(cutie) was about to introduce Amyra but lovely called her and asked her to hand mic to sikander.

Pre cap: kulfi was so singing the song and saw Nimrat suffer from coughing.
Amyra was singing,sikander stopped her and said stop embarrassing me…Read more

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