Kulfi & Sikander D!es & Meets In Heaven. Little Singer Kulfi 3 January 2023, Tuesday Pt1: Episode 227


The Episode started with the Doctor treating Sikander, Kulfi said God save Sikander, I can’t be alone anymore, first Ma then mama, now not baba and he doesn’t even know he is my father, Bebe, Mohendar and the others were worried for Sikander.

Kulfi said I have to be with baba inside, she saw Sikander collapsing and got scared, Kulfi requested the nurse to let her in, Mohendar got in an argument with the nurse and Kulfi sneaked in,the nurse unaware closesd the door.

Kulfi touched Sikander’s feet, he opened his eyes and looked at her and said kulfi, the doctor saw Sikander’s heart beat collapsing. Nimrat said to Gunjan, the day I saw him singing, music was Sikander to me, then I met him in your marriage and cried a lot because he was married, he is very important for me.

The Doctor said get the ventilator ready he has very less time, Kulfi said no ways, you are my Baba you are going nowhere, the doctor said take her out, Kulfi said please wake up, I am not upset anymore, please wake up Baba and if you are going, I am coming with you, I will die if you die, Sikander stopped responding and Kulfi fainted.

The Doctor asked to examine kulfi too, the doctor checked her heart beat and said she isn’t breathing. Bebe was praying to save Sikander. Sikander and kulfi were in the same operation theatre being treated. Kulfi found herself in the garden again and started looking for Sikander, she heard Sikander singing, she started looking for him but was unable to find and started singing, Sikander also started looking for her, they both fund each other and were very happy and run towards each other.

Sikander hugged and kissed her, saying you came here as well for me, you shouldn’t love someone so much, go back, Kulfi said I don’t want to live without you. come back, Sikander said not me, I have done so much wrong, hurt so many people, also hurt you, you go back, I am a bad man, Kulfi said you are my hero, hero’s aren’t bad, Sikander said I am tired, Kulfi said then they take break and not quit.

Sikander said kulfi don’t, Kulfi said Ma left me even you will Baba, Sikander asked what did you say, Kulfi said yes baba, my mother Nimrat and you are my father, Sikander remembered Nimrat and said my Nimrat said she will keep all my things close to her, you are my Kulfi, my Nimrats daughter, how couldn’t I recognise you, my music recognised you but my eyes couldn’t.

Sikander hugged Kulfi and asked why didn’t you tell me before, kulfi said because I had promised someone but now I can shout at the top of my voice that you are my father. The Doctor was treating kulfi and Sikander together.

Precap: Lovely walked in with Amyra into the hospital and said you couldn’t even inform me about him, where is he, Mohendar said you can’t see him, Lovely said I am his wife, Bebe said you aren’t. Kulfi said let’s go but sikander said I am tried…Read more

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