Kulfi’s Father Joins Her On Stage. Little Singer Kulfi 7 March 2023, Tuesday Pt2: Episode 318

In episode 318 of Little Singer Kulfi, the story opens with Rocket searching for Pakya to ask about Sikander. Meanwhile, Kulfi was on stage with tears in her eyes, singing and thinking about Sikander. Bhola stood nearby, listening to her. When Bhola joined her to sing, Kulfi was shocked to hear Sikander’s voice and started searching for him. However, the servants took Bhola away, leaving Kulfi to wonder if it was her imagination or if Sikander was really there.

Later, Rocket found Pakya and asked him if he knew Sikander. Pakya admitted to selling drugs to Chandan, who had entered Sikander’s house, using his face to make money. Rocket overheard Pakya’s conversation and stumbled, but managed to hide from him.

Meanwhile, Kulfi was praised for her singing, and the father of the birthday girl complimented the person singing with her. Kulfi was happy to learn that it wasn’t her imagination and that Sikander was there. Chandan then took Kulfi away, and Rocket decided to inform her about Chandan’s identity as Sikander’s lookalike.

Later, Lovely found tablets in Sikander’s possession that were not prescribed by a doctor and became suspicious of his behavior. Nandini was worried about Bhola and tried to console him, but Nani suggested that Nandini should leave Bhola to avoid getting hurt.

Rocket managed to get a mobile phone and called Kulfi. Amyra and Chandan were having breakfast with Kulfi when Rocket’s call came in. Kulfi was surprised to hear Rocket’s voice and wondered what he wanted.

In the preview of the next episode, Kulfi picks up Rocket’s call, and he gives her an address. Pakya visits Chandan and informs him about Rocket…Read more

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