Finally Kulfi Confesses True Identity. Little Singer Kulfi 9 September 2022, Friday Pt1: Episode 70


The episode started with Mahinder and kulfi getting home, Mahinder said you go home, I will join you later and left, Mahinder started calling Sikander but he was unreachable.kulfi reached home and it’s was dark,she became scared and started calling everyone,she then started looking for the switch to put on the lights.

Cutie and amyra started scaring her,scared kulfi started shouting, Cutie dressed as a ghost,she came in front of her and scared her while Amyra was enjoying it,kulfi pushed Cutie and run. Amyra said i won’t spare him,she placed her mobile phone near Cutie and left.

Amyra dressed as a ghost started scaring kulfi, Cutie was trying to play music on Amyra’s phone but mistakenly called Sikander and run after Amyra, Sikander heard kulfi shout, Amyra and Cutie scaring her. scared kulfi was shouting, Sikander panicked hearing the noises, Sikander then called back but no one answered and he drove home.

kulfi went to the balcony.lovely started calling Cutie . Kulfi hid behind the parapet column. lovely said Sikander don’t panic, kulfi then slipped and was hanging in the balcony, Sikander and lovely saw her and Sikander rushed upstairs, hearing Sikanders voice cutie and Amyra hid. Kulfi said save me, don’t leave me, promise me you will never leave me, Sikander said i promise i will never leave you,he pulled her up and hugged her. Dadi and Mahinder also came home.

lovely was shocked to see Mahinder and checked if he got anyone with him, she thinks where is Sikander’s love child. kulfi said there’s a ghost, save me please and pointed to Cutie and Amyra. They all became shocked to see them. Sikander hugged kulfi and said look it’s Amyra and Cutie, don’t be scared, Kulfi shouted why did you do this and ran away.

Sikander looked at them in anger and asked why, what’s the reason for this, can’t you see he is a kid,he would have died, Cutie said they were playing, Sikander said i beg you, please go home and Cutie left. Amyra said we were playing but i never knew, Sikander said i know you didn’t know it would be this risky,but what if he had jumped down,the police would have come and arrest your dad, Amyra said sorry dad and hugged him, Sikander said ok calm down, go change.

Sikander saw Mahindra, Mahinder said I want to talk to you alone,it’s important, Sikander walked to him in tears, Dadi and lovely then looked at Sikander, Sikander walked to the music room, Mahinder followed and closed the door.

Mahinder in the car told Dadi that kulfi is a girl and sikander’s daughter, Dadi became emotional and asked Mahinder not to tell sikander about it.

Mahinder said why, but this is wrong, Dadi said i know it’s injustice and i have to live with this, that i let a kid suffer and the reason is lovely and Amyra’s future, Mahinder said but kulfi, dadi said i can’t, Mahinder said she doesn’t have a mother, let her have her father, Dadi said lovely and Sikander are finally patching up, let the family be, don’t destroy it by bringing this truth out.Sikander asked Mahinder did he find anything.

Precap: Sikander told Amyra that he will tell rk the truth and Amyra became restless..Read more

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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