Lost In Love 25 May 2023 Update On Thursday

Savi gets ready for a picnic on Starlife Thursday, May 25, 2023 update. Let us go, Virat declares, claiming that his princess resembles an angel. Savi asks Sai if she will not accompany them on their picnic and how they will get there.

Virat asserts that Sai will not, and he requests that she celebrate her birthday with her father, Vinu, and schoolmates, in addition to allowing Sai to study her course. Savi holds Sai’s hand and demands her to go with them. Her hand is released as Sai examines Virat’s face. Savi is removed by Virat. Jagtap is outside waiting. Savi inquires if he has not yet left.

Virat claims that Jagtap is Savi’s friend, but he won’t leave until he talks to her. Jagtap tells Virat that he hasn’t changed and is still the same person. He thinks that because Sai and Pakhi fell for him, he doesn’t deserve them both. He thanks Savi and then heads out. Virat glares out of resentment.

Vinayak receives juice from Pakhi. Vinayak won’t make them miss Savi. Savi goes along with him, and he cheerfully shares juice with her. Sai feels miserable. Usha says that it’s good that Sai let Savi go with her baby because Savi missed her every birthday. Sai claims that she was content with Savi, but when Virat suddenly entered their lives and started taking Savi away, Savi was wrong and she couldn’t stand it.

She selects a fried modak plate and declares that her birthday would not be complete if Savi did not provide it. Pakhi believes that her happiness never lasts very long. She inquires as to whether her mom didn’t go with her. Savi claims that she did not due to important work.

Virat asks her not to get miserable as they will partake in a great deal and not let her miss her mom. He informs Savi about today’s birthday. Vinu inquires as to for what reason didn’t she illuminate him about her birthday. Savi claims that her mother did not inform her. It’s fine, according to Virat, that her mother didn’t tell him.

Usha lets Sai know that she ought to have informed Virat about her Savi’s birthday, they would have celebrated it together then, at that point. According to Sai’s horoscope, she remembers every significant date; does she not also remember today? Usha asks what. Virat, Pakhi, and Vinu plan to celebrate Savi’s birthday at a picnic by singing a happy birthday song to her. They enroll in school. Pakhi gives her angel wings and a stash for her birthday, saying that she looks adorable in it.

Virat is glad and thanks her. Pakhi requests that we take a selfie. Virat clicks selfie and transfers it in family bunch. Ashwini learns that it is Savi’s birthday after Ninad examines the picture. Ashwini declares that she was unaware of her granddaughter’s birthday and expresses her excitement. Ninad calls Virat via video and inquires as to why he did not notify them of their granddaughter’s birthday.

Virat says even he figured out today and requests that they wish their granddaughter now. Sonali peeps into portable. Ashwini and Ninad wish Savi cheerful birthday and ask Virat ro bring Sai home to commend her birthday. Pakhi says they will at night and disengages call. Sonali says Sai was absent in the video. Bhavani claims that Sai’s drama is typical and that she will sneak in later.

Pakhi takes pictures of Savi. Virat asks for cake for his birthday. Pakhi claims that she already placed an order for it at their regular cake shop and that it would arrive shortly. Virat expresses gratitude toward her and says he, Vinu, and Savi are exceptionally cheerful today due to her. Savi says that her birthday would not be complete without Sai’s fried modak and that she is missing Sai. She also expresses her gratitude to Virat for celebrating her birthday in a unique way.

Vinu claims that even he misses Sai. Virat inquires as to whether they are upset when their baba is with them. The instructor enters and inquires about their readiness for a picnic. Ninad calls caterers with excitement and orders them to decorate his house for the birthday celebration of his granddaughter, but he then cancels. According to Ashwini, they will undoubtedly celebrate their granddaughter’s birthday.

Ninad says even he needs to however fears that Sai will likewise visit with Savi and Pakhi will feel awful seeing Sai, he needs no issues in Pakhi and Virat’s lives once more. Ashwini says she will ask Pakhi for permission. Ninad confirms her reservation after receiving a call back from caterers and decorators.

Savi appreciates going with Virat and different children in school transport towards outing spot. The bus’s driver stops it and announces that someone is standing in front of it. They see Sai standing with balloons in his hands. Savi happily approaches her and inquires if she will not work today. Sai declines her offer of fried modak. They make Virat and Pakhi feel envious.

Pakhi says that she knew Sai would ruin her happiness and welcomes back the ex-wife of my husband.

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