Durga Is Suspected Pregnant. My Daughter Durga 18 July 2022, Monday Pt2: Episode 369



The Episode started with Tanvi and Lakshmi following Durga and Sanjay. He gave a rose to Durga and she gave one to him too. They played with color fans and bubbles. He played the flute and Durga also tried and he shut his ears. They ate panipuri at the stall. Tanvi then asked Lakshmi to find out about Durga’s family on net, she can’t romance a watchman in one night, I have seen him somewhere and Lakshmi checked.

They then saw Sanjay’s pics. Lakshmi said he is rich SP, he is Durga’s husband. Tanvi said wow, Durga’s friend Sanjay is a watchman in disguise. Tanvi said I have to ruin Durga. Aarti’s dad said Durga and smiled seeing her.

Bhagat said just two athletes will win, whoever wins the race will get 5 crores sponsorship control. Lakshmi said we will tell Ranjan about Durga and SP. Tanvi asked her not to use her mind and shut up. Bhagat said I will make pairs again, it’s a practice race, first pair is Durga and Shivani, they will run together, all the best, come.

Durga and Shivani run, Durga finished first and everyone clapped. Bhagat said well done. Durga said Shivani, you ran so well, you almost defeated me, well done. Bhagat said congrats Durga, next pairing is Tanvi and Lakshmi and Tanvi insulted Lakshmi. Lakshmi angrily run and surpassed Tanvi, she won and everyone clapped.

Tanvi said you have won the race by making me occupied in Durga and SP’s matter. She then apologized to Bhagat and Durga. She then asked Durga to be friends with her. Bhagat said you have seen the competition isn’t so easy, Durga won by a less margin, anyone can win, don’t think you are weak, I will meet you all in the gym. Durga and Tanvi shook hands. Everyone was working out in gym and Durga fell back. Tanvi held her and said come on, I am here and she held Durga again.

Bhagat said Tanvi you started it again, don’t lie. Durga said she was just supporting me and she felt nausea. Palak asked how are you feeling now. Durga said better. Sanjay said I will go upstairs to check the water and Kaka asked him to go and Durga smiled. Palak said this guy can become hero, he is so cute, I wish to kiss him. Sanjay smiled looking at Durga. Palak said strange, he is smiling seeing you and Durga went with her.

Durga went and hugged Sanjay. He teased her about Palak and she joked. He said I am doing morning shift as the watchman’s son was ill. He gave her the keys and said it’s the keys to our small house, we are shifting, I am earning, so I got some loan. She said it’s a good news and she hugged him.

But then she fainted. He held her and asked what happened, open your eyes, it’s not time to joke. He lifted her and took her to the academy clinic. Durga told the doctor that it’s has been happening since morning. Doctor said any other girl didn’t fall sick by food, what can be the reason, are you married. Durga said yes. The Doctor asked her to get a pregnancy test done. She gave the kit to her and said tell me the result tomorrow and Durga worried.

Bhagat asked what happened to Durga. He saw Sanjay and said you are Durga’s husband right, what are you doing here. Rohini said it’s wrong that they are related and staying in the academy…Read more