Durga To Rescue Her Family! My Daughter Durga 4 July 2022, Monday Pt2: Episode 352



The Episode started with Durga running to find Sanjay. The villagers also looked for her. They became angry on not finding her. They decided to kill her if she doesn’t run in the nationals. The man said we can’t let our houses get ruined and they left. Durga’s family struggled. Durga was running on the road while the villagers were also looking for her. The race announcement was made.

Durga said it’s just 20mins left now. Aarti said Durga is not here. Her dad said she is foolish to find her family, my men will find her, you focus now and run, all the best. Durga reached the godown and saw some men. She thinks to go to the backside and find a way. She saw Sanjay tied up and shouted.

She said Sanjay is here, where are the others, Sanjay also saw her. She said I have to free him, he can tell me about the others. She saw the villagers going. She said they want me to run in the race, they can help me. She went to the goons and shouted for help.

Durga told the villagers that goons want to stop her from running, they can lose their homes. Kaka said we all are with you, you go and win, we will see the goons. The Villagers beat the goons and she ran inside the godown.

The race announcement was made again and Aarti went for the race. Durga’s name was mentioned. Chandni said what will we do now, Durga hasn’t come. Sanjay shouted to stop Durga. She asked him not to worry, she will save him.

Sanjay removed the cloth from his mouth and shouted. Sanjay asked Durga to stop, else fire will catch up by the candle placed near the door and she became shocked seeing the candle. She said I will do something and tried to blow off the candle. She got a metal rod and placed it through the hole of the door and Sanjay guided her.

She blew air into the stick. She took some soil and placed it inside the rod and blew off the candle. Sanjay said amazing, just open the door now and she broke the door. She said thank God, you are fine, come.

He asked her to go and run in the race, promise, nothing will happen to anyone, bomb will explode, I have to run, trust me, you have to run in the race. She said I can’t run, everyone…. He said trust me, you have to win the race.

He reminded the trauma she faced and asked her to leave. Durga promised to win and come and he asked her to go. Kaka asked Durga to run fast and save their house. Some goons caught her and the Villagers beat them.

Sanjay reached the family and he saw his parents. The goons caught him and he fought with them. Gayatri shouted for help. Sanjay held Gayatri and Neelkant and he freed them. Neelkant joined in beating the goons.

Sanjay asked if they were fine. Sanjay said we have to find Durga’s family, you check here, I will go and see. Durga took lift from someone. Aarti’s dad got a call and became shocked knowing Durga has run away.

The goon said, the villagers have beaten us a lot. Aarti’s dad said it’s time to shoot the last arrow, prepare for it. Durga reached the stadium and Aarti became shocked seeing her. Everyone cheered for Durga while she also prayed for her family.

Aarti threatened Durga. Durga thinks of her family. Yashpal shouted to Durga to run and she started running. She won the race and got hurt by some needle…Read more