Durga Makes Her Family Proud. My Daughter Durga 6 July 2022, Wednesday Pt1: Episode 355


The Episode started with Yashpal saying I want Durga to prove her innocent. The man said we took her samples, the reports will come and the reports came. The man said Durga’s medical report is fine, there is no problem. Durga and her family cried and Yashpal hugged her and everyone clapped. Durga then took Rajveer on stage. She said he had a belief that I qm made to run in fields, he showed me right the direction and her childhood moments are shown. She said Sanjay gave me new challenges and made me strong, my Saas Gayatri Devi is like my mum, she taught me to face every problem, who gave me courage to touch heights and achieve dreams, so that I become an example for every bahu. Aarti saw Durga on news and she became angry. Durga said I give my win’s credit to my dad and Rajveer, the village blessed me and made this possible.

Aarti cried and said I always lost to Durga, I just got runner up trophies, she tried to take my place in school, then she snatched my friend, my love Sanjay, what did you do for me dad, nothing, if you can’t give me happiness, why did you give birth to me, you are responsible for this. She threw the trophies and went to her room. Rajveer said I am proud to be your teacher, your vanvaas ended today, you will go to the same village with love and respect, which you deserve. She smiled and he praised her.

He got the soil and said this is real gold, I bless you reach the sky, don’t let your feet get away from soil, remember this. She nodded and applied soil to her forehead. Sanjay did shayari and she said not bad. He asked will you give me something I ask. She said why not and he asked her to wait. Kaka said Durga got our fame and respect, it’s our turn now. Yashpal asked Brij to see where Durga is. Sanjay gave a gift to Durga and said it’s a saree, it will be special, we are going on a double date, go and get ready. They got ready and he smiled seeing her in a saree. She asked who is the other couple. He showed the temple and said it’s their house, Shiv and Parvati.

She smiled and asked seriously, how. He said they are world’s first couple, their love is still an example, I want our love to become example too, I love you a lot. She said I know, you have much love in your heart, you know why Shivratri is celebrated and she laughed. A thorn pierced her feet. He removed the thorn and tied it with a kerchief and lifted her. She said I am fine, I can walk. He said you won’t get hurt, tell me about Shivratri. She told him about Shiv and Parvati’s wedding. He climbed the stairs looking at her. They did the puja together and smiled. Sanjay said I will have prasad when I break fast. She asked did you keep fast. He said yes, so that you win, what are you seeing, do you think I can’t keep fast. She said I know you can do anything for my happiness, I just pray Aarti and her dad don’t trouble our family. He said Lord will support us.

Aarti’s dad threatened Gayatri and Neelkant. Sanjay and Durga dancing while Aarti’s dad hid and look at them…Read more

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