My Daughter Durga Tuesday, 14 June 2022: Episode 323-324


The Episode started with Yashpal saying Durga I will protect you. She said I want SP, he will take me to Sharma. Sanjay beat the man and asked who sent you. Durga thought of looking for SP. She saw the news and said maybe we can find some clue and Rajveer agreed.

The man refused to divulge any details but Sanjay asked him to say. The man pushed and hits Sanjay. He called Aarti and said I am coming to you and he left. Sanjay saw the man leaving and followed him.

Durga and Rajveer saw the hotel footage. Durga asked for the corridor footage. She watched the footage and asked the man to rewind. She said it means some footage was tampered. Rajveer asked where can it be. Durga thinks I have to find SP. Durga called her friend and asked him to find some way, it’s her last chance to prove her innocence.

Yashpal stayed worried and Annapurna gave him water. He said Durga is so young, don’t know when will her test end and Amrita came. Durga’s friend told her SP’s location. Durga saw Sanjay’s car and followed him. She thinks the truth will come out. Amrita asked Yashpal has he ever thought about her ever. Yashpal asked since when did you become so selfish, I didn’t expect this from you. He left and Annapurna worried.

Sanjay saw the man going to Aarti’s house. Durga reached there and saw Sanjay. Sanjay hid and watched Aarti and he run in to see. Durga said our hardwork got wasted. Rajveer said why is SP going this way by hiding, he is behaving strange. Sanjay looked for some way in. The man told Aarti that Sanjay will kill him and Sanjay heard them.

Aarti said it means SP has seen you, why didn’t you tell me before. Sanjay thinks Aarti framed Durga. Aarti then sent away the man. Sanjay thinks Aarti has hidden Sharma here, Aarti shouldn’t doubt me. Aarti asked Sharma to leave for the airport, SP is doubting on her. Durga and Rajveer came there. SP then rang the bell and Aarti made Sharma hide.

She said I am surprised. Sanjay entered the house and looked for Sharma. He said I can’t Sharma anywhere, I should stop looking for him now and thanked Aarti for always supporting him. He said we should make a new start now and she hugged him. Durga and Rajveer saw Aarti hugging SP.

She hid the ticket. Durga became angry and thinks SP has done acting there, maybe they hid Sharma here. She cried and said they would have hidden Sharma here. Sanjay said I am hungry, I will get something from the kitchen. Aarti said I will come along. An old lady got ration.It was Durga,she came along in disguise of a helper.

Sanjay asked Sharma and Aarti to accept their mistakes in front of Durga. He called then Durga and saw her.


The Episode started with Durga getting an entry into Aarti’s house. Sanjay thinks it’s the chance to find Sharma. Aarti allowed the maid and Durga in. Durga recalled taking help from the maid. Sharma hid from Sanjay. Sanjay made an excuse and looked for Sharma. Aarti tried to divert Sanjay. Durga reached Sanjay and lied that she has to clean the room while Aarti tried to stop Sanjay.

Amrita talked to the agent. He said your account has less money, you need over 3.5 lakhs in your account to get a visa and taunted them for their status. Yashpal became angry. Durga looked for Sharma. She was cleaning the house while she looked for him. Sharma tried to run away.

Sanjay caught him and beats him up and Aarti became shocked. Sanjay asked Sharma why did he do this and Durga looked on. Sanjay asked why did you defame Durga, tell me. Rajveer stayed outside. Sanjay said I just told you to defame Durga in a bribe case, how dare you do this. Sharma said sorry. Sanjay said Aarti did this.

He asked Aarti why did she do this, she has hurt their friendship. Durga thinks Aarti was the one who defamed me. Aarti said Durga is our enemy and Sanjay scolded her for disrespecting Durga.

He said I also hate Durga, but I didn’t think to do this, you have ashamed Durga, you have sent Mahila mandal to Durga’s house to insult her. Sharma tried to run again but Sanjay caught him. He said I will call Durga here, you both have to accept your mistake. Aarti said please don’t do this. Sanjay called Durga and she lifted her ghunghat and they became shocked.

Sharma pushed Sanjay, broke a wine bottle and tried to hurt Sanjay and Durga became shocked. Sharma said no one will stop me, don’t come in between. Sanjay became hurt,his blood fell in Durga’s hairline and she cried. Durga then slapped Aarti angrily.

Sharma tried to run and Sanjay failed to catch him. Rajveer saw Sanjay’s bleeding hand and he became shocked. Durga said you deserve this, you are a woman and didn’t know how to respect another woman. Aarti went to slap Durga back and she threatened her.

Aarti took a stick and hits on Durga’s head. Rajveer and Sanjay then ran to Durga. Sanjay asked Rajveer to take Durga, he has to find Sharma. Rajveer said you are hurt. Sanjay said I am fine, it’s nothing in front of Durga’s wound, I have to prove her innocence, I will find that Sharma.

Yashpal asked Amrita to understand, they have no funds to send her abroad and asked her not to have any ill feelings for Durga. She then argued about Durga again. She said just Durga matters to you, I don’t matter, I will not lose and she left. Sheela and Shilpa became glad. Sanjay followed Sharma while Sharma prayed. Sanjay asked Sharma to wait. Durga then felt dizzy.

Sanjay asked Sharma to accept her mistake. Sharma told the media that Durga was innocent. Sanjay took the blame on himself and Durga cried. Sanjay then came and apologized to her.

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