Durga Beats Sanjay In The Challenge. My Daughter Durga Monday, 9 May 2022: Episode 272-273


The Episode started with a guest taunting Gayatri about Durga. Sanjay greeted Durga’s family. He said Durga will be coming. Yashpal asked Dadi to be patient. He then asked about Durga. Durga looked for threads or strings in the cupboard. She said he has locked everything.

She recalled Sanjay’s words. She said I have to join the academy anyway. Sanjay introduced Yashpal and Brij. He thinks Durga didn’t come, she will lose. Durga thinks I have to win the first task somehow. She then saw something.

Annapurna thinks where is Durga and went to see but Gayatri stopped her. She asked her to stay there and wait. Durga came and they became shocked seeing her. Durga said I will take mum to show my room later, it’s decorated beautifully, you are my mum and can roam anywhere in the house. The lady asked what did the bride wear. They saw her wearing a jacket over clothes. Sanjay asked Durga what did she wear.

Durga said you have married an athlete. He said you can’t wear this in haldi, go and change, else I will win this task, your string is not tied, you have covered it up with a jacket. She smiled and looked at him. She unzipped the jacket and removed it and became shocked. He looked at her back and saw the strings tied up.

Durga recalled seeing shoes and getting the laces. She fixed the dress’ top with the shoe lace and anklet ghungroos. Sanjay thinks you will lose this challenge, it’s my promise. She said we will start haldi now, I was waiting for it. Gayatri said groom gets haldi first. Durga thinks to get haldi applied soon, it’s all Sanjay’s plan, but I will win this challenge. Sanjay delayed things more.

He said I will take pictures first. He then took selfie with Durga and sat for haldi. Durga thinks to do something to get letter and saw the snacks and sauce. She then got an idea. She took some snacks and applied the ketchup to her hand and he ate the snacks.

Sanjay thinks what is she doing. Dadi applied haldi to Sanjay. Durga screamed and showed her hand and everyone became shocked. Dadi run to her and applied haldi to her hand, saying your wound will heal. Durga smiled looking at Sanjay and hugged Dadi. Sanjay signalled Gayatri. Dadi asked Durga to come and made her sit with Sanjay. Durga said there is still time left, Patidev and Durga helped Gayatri.

She saw some number tattoo on her leg and was puzzled. She thinks what’s written on her leg. Gayatri applied her haldi and Durga looked on. Everyone applied haldi to Durga. Sanjay then taunted Durga. He asked how will they save you tomorrow. Durga thinks I have to stop Sanjay, I have to find some way.

Durga asked Rajveer is there any way to get entry into the academy. Rajveer asked you have the letter right? She said I lost it. Durga shouted and told her family that she hates Sanjay.


The Episode started with Durga thinking Rajveer can help me. Rajveer applied haldi to her and she thanked him. Sanjay then held Durga and they took blessings. Durga slipped and Sanjay held her and his haldi got on her cheek.

Lady said this is good shagun and Durga looked at him. Rajveer asked Durga is everything fine. She asked is there any other way to take entry into the academy. He said no, why do you need to ask this, you have that letter right. She said I lost the letter.

He said there is no other way, that letter is the only way, how can you be so irresponsible, if you worried for your career, you would have taken care of it, how can you be careless, discipline is important, take your career seriously and she apologized. She said I promise I will find that letter. He said there is no other way, I will not forgive you, this is not done.

Sanjay stopped him and asked are you talking about this letter. Rajveer said exactly. Sanjay said I know everything changed, it’s difficult for Durga, I will take care and Rajveer thanked him.

He said this letter is very important. Sanjay asked Durga not to be careless. She thanked him and took the letter. Rajveer said I can’t take risk, SP will take care of it and he gave it to Sanjay. Sanjay said I will keep this with me, you focus on your task, I mean your race and they left.

Yashpal talked about next functions. Durga said it’s not needed and Neelkant insulted them. Sanjay said we will surely come, I won’t refuse as it’s parents’ wish. Yashpal said I will try my best and do the arrangements of your standards. Durga said I want to go with my parents and help them in the arrangements. He said it’s not needed. She said I want to, SP always stood with me. Annapurna said he takes care of all of us, Sanjay agreed and Durga looked at him.

Brij said Durga got a great house. Sanjay came with them. He said it’s my love and respect for you all, you gave me a true and selfless wife and took Durga’s bag upstairs. Sanjay then cared for Durga. He said I will help you and then leave.

Yashpal said don’t worry, I will manage, you have to go long way. Annapurna said let them do, Dadi has to talk to you and took Yashpal. Durga asked Sanjay not to start any new drama now. Sanjay said my wife is pataka, what shall I do. She said stop nonsense and leave.

He said you are misbehaving with me, it’s fine, I will respect myself, don’t you want to know the next task, it will be between sangeet and mehendi and he showed the letter. She asked what will you get. He said peace. He thinks real fun will be on the marriage day. She said you will regret a lot, you are a fool. He said you may win the task, I love you a lot, so I will give you an easy task.

He got the diya and said as long as this lights, your chance will be there, this diya should light till sangeet and mehendi. She said so that you can blow it off and get chance to get the letter. He said I promise there won’t be any cheating. He asked her to complete the task and held her close but she pushed him and he also pushed her.

She then held the diya and asked have you gone mad. He asked her to think about her task, anything can happen, a wind blow…. and she moved him away. He threatened her and wished her best of luck and left. Durga saw the family planning. She shouted asking them to stop all this, she hates SP and they all became shocked.

Gayatri said you have diverted her attention, then she can’t manage. Durga danced holding the diya…Read more

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