My Daughter Durga Thursday, 10 March 2022: Episode 191-192


The Episode started with the girl Neena lying about Durga. She said I have seen her taking the drugs and Yashpal became shocked. He asked did you see her taking drugs, tell me how did she take the drugs and she became tensed. He said tell me, I should know what happened that time. He asked her to tell him in which hand Durga took the drugs, what’s going to say. She said I don’t remember.

He said people don’t remember such things, tell me. She said left hand. He asked are you sure. She said yes. Yashpal asked Sanjay to see the liar, Durga was given food in drugs, she did not take any injection, you were there, did you also forget the blame on Durga and Sanjay became shocked.

He recalled the past and asked Neena what is she saying, she said she has seen Durga taking drugs. He asked what’s the truth, tell me. She said sorry, I did what Aarti told me, I did not see Durga taking drugs and Sanjay became shocked. Yashpal asked Sanjay to see the truth, Aarti has made Neena do this, and he broke the friendship with Durga.

Neena said but Durga took drugs. Yashpal defended Durga and said I swear the man who added drugs in her food, I will not leave him. He asked Sanjay to think well, if he got senses, stop troubling her, she is bearing this since five years, you never understood her and Sanjay recalled Durga.

Durga recalled Rajveer and set things for him. She cuts his long hair and beard. She made him like before and asked Rajveer to see himself in the mirror but he did not react. Durga asked him to get well soon.

Annapurna came with food and saw Rajveer. She asked what will happen by this. She told what Rajveer used to do, he was so handsome and all teachers liked him, he used to bribe me with jalebis and made me run and took his blessings.

Sheela argued with Annapurna and Durga came there. Sheela asked till when will Rajveer stay here, he is a patient, take him to the hospital, who will bear his expenses. Durga asked her not to worry, I will bear all the expenses by selling veggies, the money will be used for his care and medicines. She heard a sound and ran to see. She saw Rajveer fall on the ground. She held him and fed him water but he spit water away. Umang became scared seeing him. Rajveer asked for wine and Durga made him lie down.

Sanjay met the sports association and asked the officer for Durga’s reports. Officer said we don’t have the reports. Sanjay said I have the papers, I have the right to know. The Officer then gave him Durga’s file. Sanjay checked it and was shocked. He said Durga’s RBCs are less, the RBCs would be high if she took steroids, the reports are fake. Officer said yes, steroids have to be taken for 10-15 days before to perform well, maybe she did not take steroids.

Sanjay said it means she has won on her own, she was the winner that day, you proved her wrong in front of the world. Why did you not say she did not take drugs, you know what she did, I fought with her untill now. He said her blood report were positive, she had taken drugs that day, no one can participate in the race by taking drugs, she has disqualified herself, I just did my duty. Sanjay recalled Durga and was sad.

Sheela and her husband saw the goon in the market. The goon asked for Rajveer. He told Neelkant that he found Rajveer. Neelkant said find him, I want that man. Durga practiced and Yashpal helped her. He asked her not to worry for anything. She said you did not ask me about college. He said I know, so I did not ask. She asked what. He said everything and she was shocked.

The college president was announced and everyone was shocked. Sanjay removed Durga’s bad posters from the walls.


The Episode started with Yashpal asking Durga not to worry and focus on running, there are many misbehaving children there, especially SP. Annapurna said it’s a call from your college. Yashpal asked Durga not to worry, he will take care of Rana Sir. Durga said I will end everything today.

Aarti talked to Neelkant and said I tried to find Rajveer everywhere, but I did not find him. Durga came smiling and Aarti was shocked. Their English teacher turned. Durga smiled seeing her and said you here. Teacher said yes, I love you kids so much that I came after you all, I joined today, I called you here Durga.

Durga asked why. Teacher said have patience, you will know everything. She went to Sanjay and said I did as you said and Sanjay smiled. Teacher said it’s your turn now. Rajveer got up and looked for wine, he went out of the house while the goons looked for him. Sam said it’s good you came Durga, after winning elections, I will talk about you.

Durga said results did not come, if SP wins, he will do something to insult me. Sam said he won’t come, he got to know he will lose. Durga said maybe SP is planning something. The Teacher came and said the winner who will become college president is….. Aarti taunted Durga. Teacher announced the winner’s name, Sanjay Prince and Sam was shocked.

Sanjay came with Durga’s big picture. Durga was about to go when Sanjay stopped her and said I have won the elections but I resign from this presidentship right now and everyone became shocked. Goons told Neelkant that they are still looking for Rajveer. Rajveer fell on the road, Yashpal saw him and took him home.

Everyone asked Sanjay what happened. Sanjay went to Durga and recalled everything. He cuts the cheater word from Durga’s pics and said you all asked why, I have won the election by taking the wrong support, Durga is not a cheater, she did not do any cheating and everyone became shocked.

Sanjay said we all misunderstood her. He removed all the wrong posters. He said Durga is pure, I was wrong to not trust my friend and friendship, I don’t know what wrong happened, Aarti lied to me, I trusted her but she broke my trust. Aarti thinks SP got to know everything. Sanjay said much wrong happened with Durga, Sir, Durga did not bribe me, I am so sorry for that, she is innocent, I did this intentionally to make her fall in your sight.

Durga looked on. Sanjay said it was my fault. Principal said, disgusting SP, Durga got insulted because of you, Durga come here, we will take strict action against SP, I will take your rustication order back and Durga thanked him. Sanjay said I can’t be forgiven. He got on his knees and apologized to Durga. He said I promise I won’t do this again, just one chance please and Durga cried.

Sanjay got Durga and lights the lighter. Rajveer shouted Durga and looked around. Durga and Yashpal looked on…Read more

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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