My Daughter Durga Thursday, 13 January 2022: Episode 114-115



The Episode started with Amrita coming to Madhav. Madhav saw news about Amrita and him saving the idols. She turned seeing him shirtless and knocked on the door. He saw her and quickly wore his tshirt. He asked her to turn now. She said mum asked me to bring you food and he held her hand. She asked him to leave her hand, but he said first tell me you have forgiven me. She asked why. He said I said a lot in the morning. She said it’s fine. He asked why, I knew Annapurna will not tell anyone,I scolded you a lot. She said I can understand.

Shilpa came and heard them. He said it was good that news of idol theft spread, Yashpal got to know about it and we got the idol, today my respect got saved because of you and Yashpal, thanks. Shilpa held her head and said Madhav should have thanked me, I was the one who spread the news and she left. Madhav asked Amrita can we eat together, like we do in the office. Amrita signalled no, mum would be waiting for me. He thanked her, she smiled and left.

Rajveer waited for Durga and thinks did she get sick. Yashpal and Durga get down the bus. Durga waved Rajveer and made an excuse to Yashpal. She said we will go school now. She signalled Rajveer and left. Yashpal asked Durga to go to her class. Durga met Shri and showed the copy. Shri asked did you get the copy. Durga said no, I want your help to find the real copy. Yashpal went to pay Durga’s fees.

He said my money isn’t enough, I want some time, the student name is Durga Choudhary. The man told him that Durga is their school running champion. Shri came and didn’t allow Yashpal hear to hear. Shri asked about Durga. Yashpal said she is fine. The man said you don’t need to pay the fees. Yashpal asked what, I will pay it soon, don’t remove her from the school, it’s about her future.

Durga and her friend talked to make Aarti’s friends hear that she got the copy, they left and Durga followed them. Yashpal said she wants to study here. The man said no, Durga got admission from poor people quota. Shri and Yashpal were shocked. Yashpal thinks Subhadra got her admission done by poor people quota, cheat again, I did not think she can fall so low.

The teacher told the principal that Durga did not make project. Durga said I have the copy, I know where it was kept, come with me, trust me. Sanjay and Aarti heard her. Durga said I will prove I did my work, you can remove me from the race if you want. The Principal agreed and went with her.

Yashpal came to meet Subhadra. She was shocked and acted good. He said our relation would have gotten over, talk to mum if you get time, she missed you. She said I can’t forget what you did for me and Brij, forgive me, I did it for Durga’s good, I got her to the city and got admission in a big school, I have spent much money for her education, who does so in these times. He smiled and said you are saying right, none can do this, I went to Durga’s school and got to know you got her admission in poor people quota, not by spending money, you did not spend one rupee. She was shocked and he left.

Durga got the book from the sports room and said someone placed this here. The teacher checked her book. She said I was not lying. The Principal asked who did this to you. Durga said Prince and she was shocked. She said Principal sir, I don’t know who did this, my dad said people find chance to pull back successful people, maybe some kids are jealous, I got the book, it’s enough now. Sanjay and Aarti looked on. The Principal praised her and the Teacher also blessed her. Prince thinks how did she get that copy. Durga recalled following Aarti and Prince’s friends and seeing where they kept the book.

The Principal said talented and smart kids will represent our school tomorrow. He said Durga, our school respect and pride is in your hands, don’t break our hope. She said yes and got the race uniform. Principal gave some of the uniform to Aarti and said if Durga can’t participate, you have to do her duty, you are her standby, all the best. They thanked him. Sanjay said you Durga and reminded her of the challenge. He said I won’t let you run in the race. She said I will run this race for my dad and win, then I will make you bend, do anything you want and she left.

Durga said I feel someone is coming. Durga went to meet her friend’s mum and her friend locked her up.


The Episode started with Sheela praising Bantu. The man said the competition is big, Bantu be ready. Bantu said kabaddi is an easy thing for me and the man left. Sheela fed Bantu. Rajveer said the practice is important today. Durga said my dad came to pay fees, don’t worry, I will run double speed, see my new uniform, it’s color is so good. He said it will suit you, we have to see if you can run well or not, you just think what helps you in winning and what makes you lose made her practice.

Annapurna talked to Yashpal about Durga. Sheela thinks what’s the matter, he went to pay Durga’s fees. Yashpal said I did not need to pay fees, her education is happening for free. Sheela coughed hearing this. Yashpal said Subhadra got her admission done in poor students quota. Annapurna and Sheela were shocked. Sheela thinks I will not spend more money on troubling them now.

Durga talked to Amrita. She said we came here to sleep after a long time. Amrita asked her to sleep. She said I have to wake up early and go to work. Madhav came there and said Amrita did not come to the office today, else I would have given her this gift, it’s fine, I will give it now. Durga said Madhav makes you work a lot. Amrita said he is not so bad like you think. Durga said I understand everything, he is clever, he makes you work more as you are innocent, don’t worry, I will beat him. Amrita said save some talk for tomorrow, sleep.

Durga said I feel like someone is coming here. Amrita asked who is it. Madhav fell down and hid. Amrita said it’s no one, sleep now. Madhav saw Brij beside and said I got saved, I will get up now. Brij turned and held him. Brij talked to him in sleep, and thinks he is Sheela. Madhav talked as Sheela and asked him to sleep. Madhav thinks to give her the gift in the workshop and left. Durga prayed to win and did the exercise. Amrita saw her and asked what is she doing. Durga said nothing, I am focusing.

Amrita asked her to continue. Durga practiced. She came to Bhiwani and met Rajveer. He asked her to focus well, it’s a race today. He gave her tips. She touched his feet and he asked her to become a champion and come. She said sure, she run and he smiled. Amrita looked for Madhav. Madhav came and asked are you looking for me. She asked why will I look for you.

He said there is an important bag on your desk, go and see. She asked what’s in it. He said there is workshop items. Murli asked about the new clients. Madhav said you gave them at the right time, call them. Amrita smiled and left. She got a gift. She opened it and saw earrings. Madhav looked at her. She smiled seeing the beautiful earrings. Madhav look at her and smiled. She got a note. He wrote thanks for supporting me, when none did. She looked at him and smiled.

Durga’s friend looked for her. The race was going to begin. Durga’s friend found Durga and asked her to meet her mum. Durga said fine, we will meet after the race. Durga’s friend said please, just 5 mins, come and meet her, she has to leave. Durga asked where is she. Her friend said she was here, just sit, I will get her, she locked Durga and went to Prince but he sent her way and she apologized to Durga. Durga said please open the door, you know the race is important to me.

Her friend asked Prince to leave Durga. Prince said she has to pay for this. She asked Prince will he expel her from the school by telling his dad. Prince said no, but have this fear, I am trustee’s son. Durga said Prince has pressurized her to shut me here, I will come out of here and run the race. Prince asked his friend to stay here and not let Durga come out, I will go, Aarti will run instead of Durga. Durga saw a window and hit it to open and shouted for help.

Rajveer looked for Durga and said where is she, if she does not reach on time, Aarti will run in her place. Bantu opened the door and came in and Durga hid.

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