Yahspal Accepts That Durga Should Run. My Daughter Durga Tuesday, 15 February 2022: Episode 160-161



The Episode started with Yashpal getting Durga to the school and everyone welcomed her. Annapurna and Rajveer smiled. Yashpal said Durga will run in the race and make the village name shine. Durga recalled. Flashback showed Yashpal asking Durga not to ask the guests and teacher to leave, how can she insult her teacher.

He said I don’t care by whatever you all say. Rajveer and Nandini were about to leave. Yashpal said because I have realized this yesterday night itself, that running is necessary for Durga, even if she becomes an officer or not, I will surely make her a runner and everyone smiled.

Durga hugged Annapurna and Yashpal. Yashpal said running is Aradhna for her, I have understood this, how can I pull her back than supporting her. He asked Durga to come and she hugged him.

Durga took Annapurna on a stage and everyone clapped for Durga. The Minister and principal honored Durga and she made Yashpal wear the medal. She said four people made me successful, my parents, Rajveer and Nandini and became emotional.

Yashpal said Annapurna made me realize her pain. Durga said I will run in the nationals and get the trophy. Sanjay said we all believe in you, you will win the race, all the best and she thanked him. Rajveer reminded Durga about her solid practice. Durga said I will practice after Amrita’s marriage.

He asked her not to eat fried and oily food, she has to be fit. Yashpal said I will see that, she got courage because of you, I am very ashamed, I behaved badly with you, forgive me. Rajveer forgave and hugged him. Yashpal thanked him and hugged Durga. Yashpal and Brij did the arrangements for Amrita’s marriage.

Dadi said I got emotional, I am very happy, both your daughters are going towards prosperity, I wish none’s bad sight catches them. He asked her what are you saying, your blessings are with them.

He asked her to go and see if Amrita is ready or not. He asked Bantu to go and see Madhav, if he is ready, get him here. Annapurna made Amrita ready as the bride and complimented her. Durga smiled seeing Amrita but Amrita was worried.

Bantu asked Madhav to come, everyone is ready but did not find Madhav. He called him out and said Madhav is not in his room. Annapurna asked Amrita why is she upset. Bantu came and said Madhav is not in his room and Amrita became shocked. Everyone sat worried while Sheela was just smiling. They all became surprised seeing Madhav coming.

Yashpal asked where were you, everyone was worried. Madhav said I want to tell something to you all, I truly love Amrita and want her happiness, so I don’t want Amrita to stay sorrowful with me in this marriage. Yashpal asked him to speak clearly. Madhav said I came into your house with some other motive. He told them everything and they all became shocked. Dadi and Yashpal cried.

Neelkant said Durga is not running in the race. Sanjay said no, she is running, her dad agreed. Neelkant asked a goon to break Durga’s legs.


The Episode started with everyone getting shocked. Brij said I will not leave you today and beats up Madhav. He asked what was Amrita’s mistake, tell me but Yashpal stopped Brij. He asked Madhav why is he telling this to him now, he could have run away like his brother, you are a fraud.

Madhav said I am not a fraud, how could I run away, I really love Amrita, ask her, she thinks she is going to marry a cheat, how would I cheat her and marry, I want to give her happiness.

Yashpal asked Amrita did she know this. She said I did not wish to see you all getting insulted more, so I did not say, forgive me. Yashpal asked Madhav to leave. Madhav said I won’t be able to go from here without Amrita, I truly love her.

Sanjay told Neelkant that Durga is running in the race, her dad agreed and Neelkant became shocked. He thinks I have to make Aarti win the race, I have to do anything to make Durga lose.

Madhav said I told this truth just for Amrita, I can’t see hatred in her eyes, if you think I am wrong, I will go but after marrying Amrita, I will wait for her in marriage mandap. He apologized and promised to take care of Amrita. He said I lost one mum and doesn’t want to lose another one. He asked Annapurna to support him for the final time.

He told Amrita that everyone knows his truth now, none will tell anything to her now. He went and waited for Amrita at the mandap. Some Ladies gossiped that the groom is waiting and the bride is not here. Madhav said she would be coming. Durga found everyone sad.

She said if Madhav was wrong, he would have not told the truth to you, you taught us to forgive the person if he repents by heart. He said you don’t know the world. Dadi said I have experience, I can see who is true and who is liar, I have seen Madhav, we was regretting, Durga is right, Madhav did not do wrong like Rishi, he came and accepted his mistake, we should go there.

Madhav sat in the mandap and asked the pandit to start the rituals. He thinks of Amrita. Yashpal became angry and asked Amrita not to worry, let anyone say anything, I am alive, I will not ask you to marry Madhav, don’t marry him.

Pandit said mahurat is passing. The Ladies asked did the bride run away, the groom has gone mad to wait for her. Yashpal said I will call the police and get him arrested but Amrita stopped him. Pandit said maybe they won’t come. Madhav became glad seeing Amrita coming with her family. Amrita smiled.

Neelkant said I won’t let anyone come in between my dreams, not even Durga, Aarti will win the nationals.

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