My Daughter Durga Tuesday, 26 April 2022: Episode 254-255


The Episode started with Durga asking SP’s dad tried to kill you. Rajveer said yes, he tortured me. Yashpal came and asked what happened. She said Rajveer is saying Neelkant wanted to harm him, maybe he is mistaken, why would Neelkant do this. Rajveer said don’t know, you don’t trust me.

She asked why will he do this. He said I don’t remember his motive, I used to support you in the race, it’s related to your training, I was removed from school. Yashpal asked him to rest, they can’t blame anyone without proof.

She said we have to make Rajveer meet Neelkant, maybe he will remember something. Yashpal said Rajveer will be in danger, just we know he is alive. Brij said yes, we have to hide him. She thinks and said there is one way, Neelkant will come to cheer Aarti, we will take Rajveer in disguise, if we can reach his enemies, we can end the danger forever.

Rajveer said I agree, Durga is right, we should do this, I have to go infront of Neelkant. She thinks if Neelkant is the culprit, the blame will be big, should I talk to SP, no I should wait to know the truth.

Durga came home and asked what’s all this. He showed the chakki and said you have to give me wheat in time. Mumba trained Aarti and said you have to go faster. Yashpal asked her not to lose. Durga thinks winning is my aim. Brij took Rajveer. He saw Neelkant and Gayatri and hid Rajveer and they left. Durga thinks Rajveer would have gotten discharged by now.

Yashpal said you have to win, we have to get justice for Rajveer, I wish he recalled seeing Neelkant. She asked him not to worry. Durga and Aarti’s practice went on. Durga took everyone’s blessings. She asked Yashpal to stay around Rajveer and be careful. Rajveer asked her not to worry. She said I remember, I should focus on the race.

Everyone came to the race. Durga replied to Aarti’s taunt. She said your overconfidence didn’t let you win, go and prepare for the race. Neelkant and Sanjay came there and they cheered Aarti. Aarti hugged Sanjay and thinks I have won SP. Neelkant went to Durga. She recalled what Rajveer said. He said you have courage, but it’s impossible to win over Aarti, all the best and he left.

Durga wished Rajveer gets his memory back. Sanjay and Durga saw each other, he walked to her and recalled their moments. Brij and Amrita showed Neelkant to Rajveer and Rajveer recalled everything. Yashpal asked Durga to have some jalebis and fed her. Rajveer looked on and recalled the past.

Rajveer said one more thing, Neelkant added drugs to the jalebis, but SP got it to the temple. Durga and Yashpal became shocked.


The Episode started with the announcement being made for the wild card round of the race. Durga and the participants run in the race. Durga then won the first round. The next round began. Rajveer saw Neelkant and tried to recall. Aarti won in her batch. Everyone got ready. Aarti thinks she will make Durga lose. Durga thinks no one can make me lose today, I have to win and the race began. Durga and Aarti competed.

Rajveer recalled hearing the men talking to someone. He went and followed the men and saw Neelkant paying the men. Durga run faster. Yashpal and Aarti asked her to run faster. Mumba cheered for Aarti and she run ahead. Durga tried hard to make Aarti lose.

Neelkant cheered for Aarti and smiled. Rajveer starred at him and recalled how he got spotted by Neelkant, he has ran away to prove Durga’s innocence, the goons followed him, Neekant hit him on head and Rajveer was caught by him.

Durga got ahead of Aarti and run faster and finally Durga won the race. Rajveer recalled his worse state when he was captive. Everyone became happy with Durga’s victory. Aarti became first runner up while everyone clapped for Durga. Sanjay smiled and Yashpal hugged Durga.

Sarpanch gave the medal and trophy to the winners. Durga became the winner. Aarti got miffed while everyone hugged Durga. Sanjay clapped for her. Neelkant saw Rajveer and became shocked. He thinks why does he look familiar.

Durga said Rana Sir did you see how I ran. He said great. Yashpal showed the trophy to him and they shook hands. Neelkant then looked on. Amrita signalled Brij to see Neelkant coming. Brij came in between and covered up. Sanjay said we should go to Aarti, she is waiting and they left.

Durga got Rajveer home. He said no need to find anything now, I have recalled everything, Neelkant framed you, I have saw him. He told everything how he tried to collect evidence against Neelkant. Flashback showed Rajveer seeing Neelkant and Aarti talking to the goons. He heard them and recorded their conversation on his phone.

Neelkant asked Aarti to be careful and not let anyone know that they drugged Durga’s jalebi. He asked the man not to mention that he knows her. Neelkant saw Rajveer and sent the goons to catch him. He asked Rajveer about the mobile. Rajveer smiled and didn’t say anything. Neelkant trapped him. Durga recalled the past and thinks they ruined my entire life just for a single race.

Durga asked Rajveer not to go as his life is in danger. Rajveer said I have to prove your innocent. Yashpal said we have to wait and not let your sacrifice go to waste.

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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