My Daughter Durga Wednesday, 15 June 2022: Episode 325-326



The Episode started with Sanjay catching hold of Sharma and beat mercilessly for framing Durga and gbe Police came there. Aarti slapped the maid and scolded her. The maid cried and said Durga’s truth will come out one day and Aarti asked her to get lost. Her dad then her asked what happened.

Aarti said SP hates me, he got to know the truth, if Sharma tells him the truth, I will get banned in the race, please do something. Rajveer and Durga were on the way and he got a call. He asked the driver to take them to the sports association office and he took them there. Sanjay compelled Sharma to admit the truth in front of the media.

Sharma accepted that he lied to defame Durga. He said Durga is innocent, my statement was wrong, Durga never tried to bribe me and Durga looked at Rajveer. Sharma said Durga didn’t do anything wrong and Durga cried. Sharma then apologized to Durga. The media then asked Sharma on whose saying did he do this. They asked him to speak the truth. But then Sanjay took the blame and everyone became shocked.

Sanjay said it’s my mistake, I don’t deserve this post, I resign from the association of chief post. He went to Durga and apologized to her. Media asked Durga did she know about this, her husband is resigning. Rajveer asked Durga to go for her tests first, she has to run in the race tomorrow and Sanjay went after her. Rajveer answered the media.

Sanjay worried for Durga while she waw undergoing the tests. He apologized and asked her to talk. Doctor said your tests are done and he gave her the reports. She then smiled. Doctor asked Sanjay to come for his wound dressing but he refused and stopped Durga.

He said I didn’t tell Sharma to do this, try to understand. She went chang and came. Sanjay kept explaining. Rajveer asked Durga to listen to SP once but she left. She thinks she can’t forgive Sanjay, even if Sharma didn’t do this on his saying, he wanted to ban her by bribe blame.

She scolded him and left and he ran after her. He lifted her and placed her in the jeep and tied her up. She said this is not the way to apologize. Rajveer came home and said no need to worry for Durga, she is fine, she is with SP. Yashpal said but he… Annapurna said it’s good they are together, we shouldn’t get between their relation.

Rajveer said I have seen SP, he loves Durga, he had passion in his eyes, he risked his life to prove her innocence. Yashpal said SP is her biggest enemy. Annapurna said no, he is not a bad guy, they got a chance to make their life better and Yashpal became angry.

Durga refused to listen. Sanjay asked her to listen to him first. He saw a car coming and shouted Durga. The jeep then run into a tree. She got down and went away. Sanjay slipped and fell over the jeep and wad hit on his head and he fainted. Durga ran back to him and asked him to open eyes and she tried to find help.

Sanjay said you know I can answer you. Durga said I will hurt you more and hurts his wound. He then kissed and hugged her.


The Episode started with Durga taking Sanjay to some cottage. She found it dark and made him lie down. She then lights a lamp. He looked at her and smiled. She got water to sprinkle on while she worried for him and heard his heartbeat. He held her and she looked at him. He recalled acting to faint in front of Durga. He said you were not ready to listen to me but still she refused to talk.

He said I won’t let you go without listening to me, Aarti did this. She said you wanted to insult me, she insulted me more, you have shown her that way, she ill treated me,he then stopped her and they argued. She said I won’t be quiet, I will hurt you more and she pressed his wound.

She said I didn’t do anything wrong against your parents. He asked her to stop it. She asked are you not ashamed. He asked what will you do. She got a water pot and threw it over him. He also threw water on her. He said you should be thankful that I saved your name and respect. She asked him to leave her, it’s hurting her. He kissed her and she became shocked. They then hugged.

They had an eyelock and cried. She pushed him away and they fell down. He then kissed her. In the morning, Sanjay woke up and saw Durga sleeping. He went out and washed his face. He came back and didn’t find Durga and looked for her. Durga looked at the time, she checked and saw Yashpal’s missed calls. She said it’s zonal race today and she ran off.

Gayatri waited for Durga. Durga came home and went to her room. Gayatri thinks what happened to Durga. Sanjay also came home smiling and went to his room. Gayatri thinks what’s the matter. Sanjay looked at Durga and they recalled their romance. She then got ready for the race.

He tried to help and they felt awkward to face each other. She turned away and silently left. Sanjay got her number token slip and handed it over to her. He moved away,they stole glances and collided. He gave her, her mobile and stopwatch. He moved off her way and they had an eyelock. He then held her. Durga and Sanjay smiled and she ran off. He shouted all the best Durga.

Sanjay asked Durga to hold him tight, he is going to ride the bike at high speed. Her phone fell down. He went back to get her phone and a truck hits him. Durga then shouted SP….Read more