My Daughter Durga Wednesday, 20 April 2022: Episode 246-247



The Episode started with Yashpal confronting Gayatri for harming Durga. She said I am helping her as Sanjay’s life is at risk. He asked why, why does he come to our house and trouble us, when he is getting engaged to someone else and they argued. Sanjay asked Durga to race with him, which will prove if tomorrow’s race is deadly for her or any new way but she asked him to leave. He asked why, are you scared?

Durga agreed on his insistence and accepted his challenge. Yashpal scolded Gayatri. She asked him to stop it now. She said Sanjay tried to help Durga always, same thing is happening today. Durga showed the red cloth. Sanjay kept the remote car and thinks Durga’s speed should be high to match this.

Manohar drove the car at the decided speed. Durga then dropped the cloth. The remote car came in front of the car and blasted. Durga closed her eyes and Sanjay runs. Yashpal said if anything happens to my Durga, I will burn this Lanka. She said you are threatening me and made the guards take him.

The Guard then slapped him and Yashpal cursed Gayatri. He asked her to remember, if she tries to harm Durga, it won’t be good and she became angry. Sanjay asked Durga to see, her speed is not enough, try to understand, if this happens with you, the car has blasted, you can’t run again if you meet with an accident.

She said I just have to run, else I accept the death, I don’t want to die by losing without racing. She thanked him, cried and went with Manohar. Gayatri became angry. Neelkant then came to her and she asked him not to spoil her mood. Neelkant told her how he met the truck driver and ensured Durga dies in an accident. She became glad and said Durga will leave from Sanjay’s life.

Yashpal talked to the reporters and defended Durga in front of them. Durga came home and smiled hearing him. Yashpal said Durga is my daughter, she is my blood, she can never do wrong. Durga came and asked the reporters to come with her to know about the race.

Sanjay came home and collided with Aarti. She asked are you fine, we did engagement shopping today. Everyone heard Durga telling about her race. The sarpanch said it’s just her talk, don’t be convinced by her words and the people got against her.

Durga thanked sarpanch for giving her a good idea. She said I want you to direct the race and sit in the truck to know she didn’t do any cheating but Sarpanch denied. Durga said I didn’t get a chance to prove I didn’t do anything wrong, you are an elder and everyone trusts you, no one can testify my truth. Sarpanch agreed to keep a watch on the race. Durga smiled and thanked her. Gayatri asked Sanjay where is he going. He thinks Durga is in this state because of me, if she dies, I will also not stay alive.

Durga saw Yashpal worried and thinks I will win tomorrow. Sanjay told Gayatri that Durga’s failure will decide his future.


The Episode started with Durga practicing. She saw Yashpal and recalled him. Annapurna, Yashpal and Durga stayed worried. It’s morning, the media reported about Durga’s stunt, if she loses, she will lose life and respect, she is brave to attempt.

The people said Durga will not let them get peace. The announcement about the race was made. Durga came there and thinks this try should get me a wild card entry into the inter district race and she prayed.

Gayatri did aarti and Sanjay greeted her. She asked him to take prasad. She said pick any one laddoo, one has your future as I want and other has nothing. He then picked the laddoo. She showed the engagement ring inside.

Sanjay said if everything goes fine, I will get engaged to Aarti, I gave my work, Durga’s failure will decide my future, but my breath will fulfill the promise to Aarti’s dad. Shilpa saw Durga talking to the reporters. She thinks to do something that Durga loses the race. She thinks to break Durga’s heart and distract her.

Annapurna worried. Amrita asked where is Yashpal. Annapurna said he would be out and Amrita went to see. Gayatri said my truck will end Durga today and the Driver said get ready to die Durga. Sanjay caught him and made him faint. He took the driver’s disguise and covered his face.

Sarpanch then sat in the truck with him. Sanjay thinks if anything hapens to Durga, I will give up my life, all the best to both of us. Yashpal thinks of saving Durga if she is late to reach the point on time. Everyone watch the news. Annapurna said I will not go. Dadi said Durga did a strange drama, what’s the need for her to do this.

Amrita said she is doing a last try to save our family respect, we should become her courage. Dadi said she is useless, it’s better if she dies. Annapurna asked how can she say so. Amrita said our Durga will work hard and win this time. Shilpa came to Durga. She asked did no one come from home for you, I am here, don’t be sad, all the best.

She showed her Gayatri and Aarti’s pic. Annapurna and everyone prayed for Durga. Annapurna said this is your test, Durga is not wrong, you have to support her, she needs your blessing. Shilpa said Gayatri is doing Sanjay’s marriage arrangements and Yashpal looked on and thinks Shilpa is diverting Durga.

Shilpa asked Durga to win. Durga then stopped and scolded her. She said you are saying this to break my courage, this won’t happen and Shilpa left. Durga said I don’t have to think about SO, focus… Sanjay said I will just pray we live together and die together.

Annapurna prayed for Durga, Durga started running and competed with the truck. Dadi said this is abshagun.

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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