My Desire 22 May 2023 Update On Monday

My Wish on Star Life: Monday, May 22, 2023 Update: Rudraksh and Roohi have ice cream because he wasn’t getting enough sleep, so he thought of having ice cream. She asks reason. He says that even though he has an exam tomorrow, if he passes, he will get what he wants because he remembers Preesha.

Roohi asks god that he gets what he needs. Rudra prays for her as well. Saransh and Roohi get ready for school the following morning. Saransh inquires as to whether she conveyed party dress as they will go to party after school. She says OK. Sharda asks them what they’re carrying after noticing how heavy their bags are.

Saransh claims that because he is competing in an interschool dance competition, he is carrying his dress to dance practice. Roohi claims that they have already informed her that she will be wearing a dress to her singing practice. Sharda loses her mind. Happily, they both leave home.

As she prepares for the party, Arman walks over to Preesha’s room and observes her attempting to zip her dress. She turns when she feels awkward. He guarantees her that he won’t cross his cutoff points as he most likely is aware she is in injury after what Rudra did it to her; says that he truly loves her and doesn’t feel bad about it, even if they don’t get physical.

Preesha expresses her gratitude to him and asks him not to get any closer to her because he cannot bear it and does not want to become violent and attack him. Pihu with her folks strolls to Preesha wearing same dress and asks how is she looking. According to Kanchan, they are both beautiful. They are informed by Armaan that he has purchased a residence in Delhi and that they will be moving there tomorrow. He has my gratitude. Armaan advises her to express gratitude to Preesha for persuading him. Next, Preesha thanks Armaan. All of them head to the party.

Saransh and Roohi attempt to meet Preesha at the party venue. They are stopped by the guard, who informs them that invitation cards are required to enter. In a cart full of food, they both hide. Rudra arrives at party setting next with Raj, Vidyut, and Vaishali and asks Vidyut for what reason he needed to go to the party.

Vidyut says he would have rather not missed a party where the exclusive class would be available. He inquires about Raj’s desire to attend the party. Vidyut claims he brought him along so he could meet new people. He is warned by Rudra not to do anything that will harm his reputation.

Vaishali tells Rudra that the party is about masks and asks him to enjoy it. Instead of allowing him to gather Armaan’s information on his own, the PI, who is posing as Rudra, offers him drinks and inquires as to why he came here. Rudra says even he can’t take a risk and needs to keep an eye on Armaan.

Armaan and his family arrive. Due to the mask, Rudra doesn’t see Preesha’s face as he watches them hide. Preesha enters with Armaan in her hand. Rudra wonders who this girl is. Armaan and Preesha enjoy a couple dance. Rudra tells PI that the girl he thinks is Preesha is dancing with Armaan. He is instructed by PI not to make any hasty mistakes and to notify Armaan.

Preesha walks to the bathroom with an excuse. Rudra follows her, hold her hand, and exposes her to track down Pihu all things being equal. Pihu wonders what Rudra is doing here and is glad Preesha didn’t see him; otherwise, she would have had a panic attack.

She recalls Preesha going to the bathroom to clean herself after a waiter spilled drinks on her. Pihu then dances with Armaan and joins him. She then says that Armaan should dance with Preesha and praises his dance. He requests that she call Preesha. She moves toward the restroom.

Rudra is scolded by Pihu for acting inappropriately toward her in a flashback. Rudra apologizes and says that because she was with Armaan, he thought she was someone else. Armaan is his cousin brother, she reveals. She accepts Rudra’s apology. Armaan walks toward them after noticing them.

Rudra insists on speaking, asserting that he is finally in front of him. Armaan states that he is unwilling to speak with him. He is held by Rudra to a wall. Rudra begs Pihu to leave her brother out of fear. Armaan asks her to leave and assures her that everything is fine.

Roohi is informed by Saransh that their mother was not present at the party venue. Roohi declares that she must use the restroom. Saransh takes her towards washroom. Because Preesha has been missing for a year since Armaan went missing, Rudra confronts Armaan to find out where she is.

Armaan claims that he went to the United States for treatment and recovered. He even called Preesha numerous times to express his gratitude, but she did not answer. He adds that he went back to Delhi because his cousin’s sister got into a college there. Rudra asserts that he is aware because he previously met Pihu at the college. If Preesha leaves Rudra again, Armaan will mock him. Rudra stands disappointed.

When Saransh and Roohi see Preesha outside the restroom, they are delighted. In the belief that Rudra cannot recognize Preesha, Pihu joins Preesha and requests that she don the mask. In masks, they both return to the party venue. Saransh hears from Roohi that she saw the girl with her mother just yesterday. Both of them follow Pihu and Preesha. Sadly, Rudra returns to the party location.

Vanshika demands him for a dance. He goes with her to the dance floor. Pihu dances with Digvijay and Preesha. She knocks on Raj first and has tussle with him, then knocks on Vidyut who reminds her how he assisted her and hits the dance floor with her. Rudra feels a connection to Preesha when she crosses with her.

Armaan inquires about Preesha to Kanchan. Kancha claims to be dancing with Pihu and Digvijay. Arman rushes to Preesha’s aid when he sees Rudra with Preesha and pushes someone down to divert attention before removing Preesha from the dance floor. Preesha asks what’s happening with he. He declares that he must immediately return to the hotel.

Pihu approaches them and informs Preesha that she, too, is experiencing hunger and that they should both eat dinner before leaving. According to Armaan, they will eat dinner on the way. Preesha claims that if they stop midway, they will be late, so they should have it here immediately. Armaan concurs, believing that Rudra would not attend the banquet.

Roohi lets Saransh know that the woman with Preesha is dependably around her. They both look for Preesha once more. The guard seizes them. The blockhead the gatekeeper and conceal in the feast lobby. Rudra comes there and requests that Vanshika finish the work they came here for as he needs to go from that point. She leaves after asking him to unwind. Pihu carries Preesha to meal corridor and causing her to find a spot at a table heads off to some place.

When Saransh and Roohi see Preesha, they are happy. Preesha charges at them. Thinking that their mother saw them makes them happier. Preesha gets over them and holds food plate Pihu is holding, disregards them, and gets back to table with Pihu. Seeing that, Saransh and Roohi are discouraged.

Roohi chooses to converse with Preesha and stroll towards her, yet Saransh seeing watchman there removes her. PI observes Preesha and believes that Armaan is concealing Preesha, as Rudra claims.

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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