My Desire 27 May 2023 Update On Saturday

My longing on star life Saturday 27th May 2023 update, Armaan partakes in a beverage with Digvijay and lets him know that he feels cheerful as Pihu persuaded Preesha to move back to Mumbai tomorrow subsequent to watching Pihu’s play.

Digvijay says Rudra’ cousin Vidyut is likewise partaking in the play and in the event that Rudra sees Preesha there, it would be a fiasco for Armaan. Armaan gets strained hearing that. When Preesha’s dresses come out of the cupboard the following morning, Rudra becomes enraged.

He notices Roohi and inquires about her activities. She tells him that she got rid of the dresses and asks him to wear his old one for the play. He claims to have altered his style. She says she misses her mother and wants him to wear her mother’s favorite hoodie in the same way she does her mother’s favorite dress.

He accepts and proceeds to alter the dress. Roohi believes that she is taking him to see her mother. Rudra comes out and inquires about his appearance. She says she looks like her, “Let us go,” and then silently says, “To meet mamma.” Oberoi makes a phone call to Rudra.

Roohi arrives at play scene and hangs tight for Rudra. She is informed by Sharda that Rudra has an important decision to make and cannot watch the play. Digvijay believes Armaan stopped Rudra when he saw them from behind. He reviews Armaan taking Oberoi’s assistance to prevent Rudra from watching the play.

He believes he ought to let Rudra know that his plan worked. Armaan expects Digvijay to call. Preesha asks him why he is taking so long. He says he is hanging tight for a significant call. He receives a call from Digvijay, who informs him that Oberoi is keeping Rudra busy in a meeting because his plan worked. Preesha hears from him that they can now leave.

Educator shows Pihu the dress she will wear for the play and how it will function. Vidyut strolls to Pihu and says she is more gorgeous than genuine Juliet. He is warned by Pihu to practice his play dialogues because of his fury. Vidyut’s companion insults him that he has fallen in Pihu’s adoration. Vidyut believes he is attempting to exact revenge on Pihu by falling in love with her.

During the play, he reveals his plan to ruin Pihu’s dress and make her feel bad. In the hall, Roohi blocks a seat for Rudra. Sharda claims that Rudra won’t show up. What if papa shows up, says Roohi? Digvijay and Kanchan enter the room, and Digvijay notices Saransh and Roohi in the background, thinking they shouldn’t see Preesha. Preesha strolls in with Armaan and sits with them. Roohi and Saransh notice Preesha and get blissful.

Play begins. Vidyut and Pihu play Romeo and Juliet, and Raj sings the song Pal Ek Pal as the background music plays. After the first part of the game is over, everyone claps. Roohi sees Preesha and Armaan leaving, so she tells Sharda she’s going to the bathroom and goes outside to meet Preesha. Preesha inquires about her activities here. Roohi asks if she can buy her popcorn because she says her chachu, or uncle, is in a play. Preesha concurs. Armaan becomes enraged, and in order to prevent Roohi from meeting Preesha once more, he returns Preesha to the auditorium.

Roohi uses Raj’s phone to video call Rudra, claiming to be ill and asking him to come and pick her up because she believes she needs to call Rudra here in some way. Rudra leaves Oberoi’s meeting. Oberoi illuminates Armaan about it. When Armaan discovers Roohi’s strategy, he kills Preesha from behind and locks her up in a room, hoping to free her before Rudra arrives.

Armaan thinks he needs to get Preesha out of the auditorium before Rudra arrives, so he locks Roohi up in a store room. He hears from Kanchan that Preesha went to the bathroom. Roohi knocks on the door and begs God to bring Papa and Mama back together because she is stuck here and doesn’t want to miss the chance to bring them together.

Preesha inquires if anyone is inside upon hearing her. Roohi claims to be her and demands that she leave. Preesha tries to say that to open the door, she needs to twist the knob. Roohi tries to call her mother, but it says it won’t open. Preesha believes that the girl is missing her mother.

Armaan gets tense when he bumps into Rudra, thinking that he needs to get Preesha out of there quickly before Rudra sees her. Rudra is enraged when he sees him, but he thinks Roohi needs to be found first. He inquires about Roohi as he walks to Sharda. Sharda says he went to washroom with Saransh.

Saransh comes back with popcorn and claims that Roohi was not with him. Rudra gets worried for Roohi and goes looking for her. Preesha attempts to open the lock with her hair torment. Upon seeing a rat, Roohi panics. Preesha keeps her bustling in talk and says rodent won’t hurt her similar to Ganeshji’s vehicle mushak. Finally, she unlocks the door. She is emotionally embraced by Roohi as he runs after her.

Armaan sees Rudra with Saransh and Sharda looking for Roohi and thinks he wants to get Preesha out of here before Rudra sees here. Preesha praises Roohi for her bravery. She claims to have left her. Preesha gets confounded. Roohi says she implies her mamma is bold like her. Preesha inquires as to how she secured herself in a storage area.

Roohi calls her mamma on a regular basis and claims that someone locked her up there. Preesha feels associated with her and gets some information about her folks. Roohi says her dad is coming and demands to meet her dad. Preesha concurs. Roohi expresses gratitude to God and believes that her parents will soon reunite. Rudra keeps looking for Roohi.

Vidyut strolls to Pihu’s changing room and embraces her. She yells at him for daring to push him. When Vidyut says that their play’s final scene is next, he got emotional. He is warned by Pihu to avoid her or she will expel him from the college. Preesha gives Roohi her phone number because she wants to talk to her whenever she wants.

Preesha signs Roohi’s hand with her number and agrees. Roohi hears Rudra’s voice and says she is here. When peons bring a poster between them, Rudra walks toward them. Roohi seeing Rudra’s shoes goes to bring him and says she needs to acquaint him with somebody. Who asks Rudra? Preesha has vanished, according to Roohi.

Armaan hauls Preesha from that point. Preesha inquires as to why he brought him here. Armaan tells PReesha that they have a two-hour flight to Mumbai after recalling how he did that. Preesha gets some information about Pihu’s play. He says he can’t miss a meeting with the client. Preesha recalls Pihu telling her that Armaan’s business was losing money because they were in Delhi.

She agrees to go back to Mumbai with him. Rudra leaves Roohi alone. Sharda and Saransh goes along with them. Roohi says she felt sick unexpectedly and presently she is fine, figures mamma probably got back to hall to watch play, and demands them to get once again to watch play. Back to the auditorium they go.

Once more, play begins. Vidyut and Pihu order Romeo and Juliet, he institutes as consuming toxin and kicking the bucket, she cuts herself and attempts to get blood impact on her dress. Vidyut recalls cutting Pihu’s dress strings in front of everyone to humiliate her and exact revenge.

When Pihu sees her dress opening, she gets anxious and wonders what she should do now. While Vidyut grins as she tries to hold her dress, Vidyut is lying on the floor. Raj grabs Pihu’s dress as he rushes to her aid.

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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