Radha Mohan 6 May 2023 Update On Saturday

Radha Mohan In the Zee World update for Saturday, May 6, 2023, Mohan is cleaning Radha with water and even wiping her face of the mud. At the same time, someone is taking pictures from the corner. Damini tells him to leave when he finishes, and she smiles and turns, thinking the second part of the plan is now complete.

Ketki claims that she made a mistake by marrying him because today was the most opportune moment to throw Damini out of the house. Ajit responds that she was accusing Damini without any reason because she is really sweet; Ketki replies Damini can be anything other than sweet because she is sure Damini is planning something that is against Radha. Ajit brings the food to Ketki in the night and claims that she did not have anything to eat, so he asks if

When Radha wakes up in the morning to perform the pooja and water the Tulsi, she notices the newspaper being thrown around the house and becomes anxious, wondering if something is wrong. Radha getting it is joyed seeing her photograph in the paper yet she can’t peruse the title which peruses, : Is Mohan prepared for a second job?

When Radha rushes inside and calls the entire family to come, Kadambari wonders what she is talking about when she tells him that her photo is in the newspaper with Mohan because he helped save her yesterday. Damini also asks what happened, Radha hands her the newspaper, and Damini is also stunned. Ketki also takes the newspaper from her, and Radha finally shows it to Gungun, who starts reading it. Radha asks with joy how the photo is, but Gungun hits her head

Mohan enters the corridor asking what occurred yet Kadambari is truly strained, Rahul requests that she show the photograph so Radha surges with the paper in energy, she hands it to Mohan inquiring as to whether he loves the photograph of him, Mohan is dazed hearing it however at that point Radha continues to inquire as to whether he prefers it, Mohan stops her inquiring as to whether she didn’t peruse what is written in the paper, he illuminates that they composed Mohan Trivadi who got connected last month engages in extramarital relations with another ladies, Radha gets staggered addressing what have they written in the paper. Kadambari asks her to stop talking, and she wonders what the two of them were doing there.

Damini tries to help them by saying that she was also there. Kadambari asks her not to get involved because the newspaper doesn’t say anything about her being there. Damini says that they all know she was there, but how would they tell the rest of the world? They won’t think twice about anything they read in the paper.

Radha is crying and yelling at the editors, “How can they write such a story about her when they are unaware of the truth?” as she cries. Radha responds that whatever is written is supposed to be the truth, and that it is their duty to reveal the truth, so why would they die. Kadambari explains that such writers do not have any integrity because they do not care about the truth but only the progress of their newspaper, just as she cares about the running of her house and she cannot bear if they raise any voice against her. Ketki explains that sometimes the only thing they care about is the news, even if it is not the truth. Rad

Radha questions Kaveri’s frustration and asks her to stop because she lacks mental strength. Radha must be aware that this is not just a thing; it is also a hindrance in her reputation, which has affected. Kadambari informs Radha that she is new in this city and does not know how it works. Radha questions whether it is the truth or a lie when they are all wrong. Radha responds that although she does not believe anything can occur if Bihari Jee is present, she has learned that some people in this world are capable of doing anything for their own purposes.

Mohan asks Radha why she is apologizing because she is not wrong but those editors who, in order to earn money, can ruin anyone’s family. Radha responds that it is not about whose fault this is but that the house that treated her as a family, she ruined their reputation as the daughters are supposed to take care of the family, but now because of her the teachings of this house have been challenged. Mohan mentions that the teachings of their house are not so weak that such words can Mohan asks Kadambari if she trusts them or the editors.

Kadambari says that she does trust him and Radha, but he also knows that their family has a bad reputation in the media because of him and Tulsi. However, she stops when Damini thinks she needs to tell the truth. Kadambari declares that she does not want anyone to inquire about her family because she is not only his mother but also Kadambari Trivedi, and it is her duty to safeguard the family’s customs and reputation.

Mohan shouts he wouldn’t allow anything to happen to this family so will call Shekar, he all at once begins getting calls from his companions who are getting some information about the news that has been printed. Kadambari also gets a call, so she asks them if they don’t trust Mohan’s character.

Damini also receives a call from someone, and she is incensed and asks, “Who are they to warn her about Mohan since she knows his character?” Damini assures her that she also knows the girl Radha, revealing that she lives with them. Ketki wonders if this is Damini’s plan and why she is smiling when she should be frustrated.

Mohan wonders why she is crying when Mr. Trivedi leaves in rage. Given that everything happened, there is no point in crying and she should not take it on herself; they will investigate it later. When Radha takes Mohan’s name, Mohan leaves, but Kaveri wonders why she keeps talking about him because her daughter was ruined in a photo taken with Mohan.

Gungun asks if her Dadi would be able to read the English newspaper, and Radha exclaims that if this news had been written in the English paper, it would also be published in the Hindi paper, and her family would not be able to bear the news. Radha in the room wonders what she can do now because if everyone in this house got tensed hearing the news, what about her Dadi?

RamAvtar and Dadi are tensed when they learn that Radha went to the house of Trivedi jee to assist in the marriage of Mohan, but it is written that she is having an affair with Mohan. The entire village comes calling for the Pandit jee to come out, and he inquires about what happened. Dadi asks if anyone ran away, and one of them says their daughter might have done so.

Gungun asks Radha why she is crying. Radha responds that it is not because she is wrong; rather, it is because her family’s reputation is in jeopardy because of her. She tells them that they must forget everything because the love of their family is everything and they should not have any ill feelings about her. Radha prays that her father and dadi should not be informed of this news; however, if they are informed, they must have the strength to fight it. Radha is praying

Radha asks Bihari jee to protect both her father and Dadi so that they can overcome this challenge. Dadi tells them to stop because she is her grandchild. The women respond that they are not saying anything because the news editor wrote it all. They exclaim that he always teaches everyone to talk politely and do good deeds but never said anything to his own daughter. Pandit Jee tells them that they shouldn’t believe anything written because it could also be a lie.

They respond that it could even be the truth. Everyone in the village has read the news and is now cursing their family because they were unable to raise their daughter, the villagers exclaim. Because he is ashamed, Pandit Jee lowers his face so that he cannot look into the villagers’ eyes. Radha is extremely concerned about what might happen to her family.

They claim that Radha only went out for a few days and is now engaging in such evil behavior because she is going out with a man twice her age who is also the father of her daughter. They also claim that Radha may have learned this from her Dadi and father, even though her father asserts that he is a religious person. Dadi stops her son from coming to their house for any kind of Pooja, claiming that his daughter has damaged their village’s reputation.

Damini is sitting cutting the photograph of Radha from the paper when Kaveri questions what is she arranging since the whole standing of Mohan got destroyed however she is as yet grinning. Damini requests that her mom stand by and watch since Master maa has given her such a Mantar after which Radha and Mohan would be isolated, Kaveri quickly asks when Damini illuminates, she should hold on to see what occurs.

Gungun also begs Radha to stop, raising the question of where she is taking her. The Grandma of Radha is continually pulling her hand while everybody is mentioning her to stop, Tulsi additionally questions for what reason is she removing Radha like this, Kadambari asks her to quit addressing for what good reason is she being so exceptionally furious as what wrongdoing did Radha carry out, Dadi answers it was her misstep that she went out and it is all her error. Kadambari responds that she is aware that Dadi is enraged, but Radha has committed what crime?

Everyone is taken aback when they see Mohan standing in front of Dadi and proclaiming, “Radha will not go anywhere.” Kaveri wonders why he had to get involved in this. Mohan approaches Dadi and explains to Radha, who is crying, that she is not to blame and should not be punished. She asks Dadi if he thinks her photo with a man who is the father of a child is okay because the society in which they live considers it to be a crime; he would get married in a month, while her Granddaughter would have to suffer it for the rest of his life, and Dadi responds that things have gotten way out of hand. Since everyone is claiming that she is his second girl, she inquires as to his identity.

Radha asks her why she is talking to Mohan in this way when he came to help her and was scrubbing the mud off of her face. She must not ruin his character for this reason, Radha says. Radha asks Kadambari why they are being affected by it and if she ever thought she could do something like this. When Dadi inquires as to whether Radha is aware of what the villagers have said, they claim that Radha was sent to this house so that they could also make a lot of money, to which Dadi responds that she and her father have suffered as a result of the news, her father tries to calm the situation.

Dadi mentions that they would have to live in the same society, and Mohan inquires as to whether she will believe the lies they are telling. Mohan make sense of that individuals who calim to be the defenders will generally lead to a ton of issues and their greatest weapon is dread. Dadi mentions that Radha is innocent and that even Sita Mia had to suffer, so how can they survive? Dadi reveals that they come from a lower social class, so he must allow them to live peacefully.

Radha is being pulled by her Dadi while she is looking back at Mohan, who is also constantly staring at her. He remembers the times when she was beside him to help whenever he faced any problem, and he is unable to take his eyes off her because she is also crying looking at him. Kaveri is glad they have gotten rid of Radha, but Damini requests Mohan to stop her. Radha is being pulled by her Dadi while she is looking back at Mohan, who is also constantly Damini also wishes that anyone should stop Radha or else her plan would fail, and Gungun rushes to Mohan to demand that she stay here and that he not let Radha leave.

Mohan causes Dadi to swear on the name of Radha to stop, he questions for what reason is she centered around obliterating her life. In shock, Dadi turns around, and Mohan is holding Gungun. Dadi begins to question Sita jee’s decision when Mohan exclaims that they have to teach the girls to fight. He mentions that she gave her good character but did she teach her what needs to be done in case of any problem, if she stays then would learn English and be able to live in the society. If she stays then would learn English and be able to live in the society.

He once again walks toward her and explains that the elders have to teach their children to live with their heads held When Mohan stops questioning, Radha tries to get in the way, asking if she didn’t know that children shouldn’t interrupt elders talking. Dadi responds that because he is constantly arguing with her, she also saw the kind of instruction he received. Given that Mohan’s mother is not his real mother, this demonstrates the kind of instruction he received. Mohan, shocked, responds that his mother has always taught him to be kind even when dealing with bad people.

Dadi inquires about Mohan’s relationship with Radha. Mohan responds that he teaches Radha and that their relationship is similar to that of a teacher and student. When Mohan notices that Radha’s fathers are holding the Bihari jee, he decides to take him with himself and wait to see how Radha leaves. Dadi wonders what kind of prank this is because he has to return the bag, but Mohan enters the house.
Kaveri questions what has gotten into her girl as she is grinning while Mohan is battling everybody for Radha.

Damini wants to drive Radha out of Mohan’s life, which is the fourth part of her plan, and she thinks she is different from her mother. Radha is crying while Damini smiles.

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