Shocking Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom TV Update On Thursday Pt 1: May 20, 2021

Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom TV

Beginning of Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom TV Update On Thursday Pt 1

Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom TV on Thursday starts with Sujata stepping on Zeenat’s hand and stopping her from taking the gun. Zeenat said, you think I need a gun to stop you all. Atharv said, Holi hai and sprayed on Zeenat. Vipul and Daddy ji caught Zeenat and tied her up. Bhoomi got pepper spray and blew it on Zeenat.

She said, you have beaten my husband, take this. She slapped Zeenat. The men think something was wrong, Zeenat did not come. Dadi Bua said, I told you to stay as family, see but out family does now. Kalindi slapped Zeenat for beating Vipul.

The Army officers thought, why did the firing stop, Ravish should get fast and hurry. Daddy ji asked, did you throw all guns. Suman said yes, but there is still danger. Atharv said, but we won. The men aimed guns at them and asked, how will you win so easily?

The men asked, where is Zeenat? Atharv said, she is busy? The men said, we will kill you all. Suman said no, we will get her. They got the red chilli powder and poured on them. They threw the utensils, boxes and bottles on the terrorists. Chutki looked on. Atharv said, they all fainted. Suman said come, we will get Zeenat now.

The Army officers waited outside. Ravish was still inside the ac duct and followed the house map. He checked his plan to plant small bomb at bathroom side. Atharv said, when Ravish comes, he will beat everyone. He asked Suman, what chilli will you add in the food?

Vividha asked Zeenat to see what the useless army wives did with your men, that too without the guns. Suman said, Vividha opened the door for army and tell them India has won again. Vividha went to open the door. The man asked, what’s the hurry. They all got shocked seeing two terrorists men.

Still On Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom TV Update On Thursday Pt 1

Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom TV on Thursday continues where the man said, what did you think, you will lock us in the bathroom and win, it’s not easy, I will shoot this old woman. They caught Vividha also. Dadi Bua said, Vividha go and open the door, this knife is not enough to kill me. Daddy ji, Atharv, Suman and everyone try to fight back. Daddu ji beats the man for touching their country. He scolded the terrorist.

Zeenat asked Adaa to get the gun and free her hands. Atharv said, no Chutki, don’t give her the gun. Chutki cried. Zeenat said, I am your mother, give me the gun fast. Atharv said no, don’t give the gun. Chutki/Adaa threw the gun away and Zeenat got shocked. Atharv thanked her. Zeenat said, kill all of them, kill this mad guy first. The men beat Atharv, Daddy ji and Vipul. Sujata and Vividha cried. They shouted seeing Daddy ji beaten him.

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Atharv bit one the men with a stick. Vividha asked Daddy ji, are you fine, your head is bleeding. Daddy ji said, I am absolutely fine. The men slapped Bhoomi and Kalindi. Ravish fixed the bomb at the bathroom side. Suman injured the man with her hair pin. She asked the men to leave Kalindi and beats him.

The man came to beat Suman. Sujata pushed Suman and got hit. Suman and Sujata were caught by the men. Sujata scolded the man and called them cowards, to dance on Zeenat’s orders, are you not ashamed to bear women and children, you are mean, you are animals. Suman thought of Atharv’s words.

Kalindi said, don’t provoke them. Suman said, Sujata is saying this intentionally to provoke Atharv. Sujata asked the men to come and beat her. The bathroom wall bursts by the bomb. Ravish stepped inside the house and loaded the gun. Sujata asked the men to beat her if they have courage. Zeenat asked the men to beat Sujata. The man slapped Sujata. Sujata fell down. Atharv and everyone got shocked.

End of Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom TV Update On Thursday Pt 1

Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom TV on Thursday ends where Atharv was held by the man. Atharv saw Sujata’s forehead bleeding and got shocked. Atharv recalled Sujata getting beaten up by Kailash’s goons before. He got angry and breaks open the man’s armlock at his neck. Sujata, Vividha and everyone saw it. Atharv shouted and pushed the man away. Atharv threw the man far. Everyone looked on. Zeenat saw him.

Atharv tackled all the men single handedly. Ravish came and shot the man, who was about to hit Atharv.

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