Shockingly! This Is How Atharv Will Shoot Ravish In Jaana Na Upcoming Twists


After Eth Studios broke the news that Atharv will shoot Ravish in the upcoming twists on Adom TV in Jaana na dil se door, how Atharv will shoot Ravish is what a lot of people have started asking. So below is a nice presentation on the events that will follow in the popular television series which will lead to Atharv shooting Ravish.

How Atharv Will Shoot Ravish

This is the thing that occurred: Atharv and Sujata went out to the market, Atharv met a young lady called Chutki who had been starving for such countless days and therefore shrouded her in a crate. Sujata uninformed saw Atharv conversing with a container not realizing he had covered up the young lady inside the case. Atharv then carries the container to the house and the family gets stunned opening the crate and seeing the young lady in it. Atharv at that point presents Chutki as his companion who was slowly dying from starvation, thus he needs Chutki to remain with them.

Ravish revealed the missing young lady’s case to the police and her mom Aruna returned to take her. But accidentally, these were spies who had been sent on a mission to put Ravish’s family in danger. Vividha innocently requests that Ravish permit them stay in the house after some specialists guaranteed they have been famished for such countless days. Which even made Aruna faint on her first visit.

Anyway they were permitted into the house. But Aruna was concealing a weapon, that is a gun, which Atharv found and wantted to play with it thinking it was not a real weapon. The entire family is stunned to see Atharv with a genuine weapon. Atharv who is a sharp shooter and has even won a sharp shooting grant in those days when he hadn’t lost his memory dares that he will shoot, since he can even point with his eyes shut.

There, Ravish requested that he give him the firearm since it is anything but a toy rifle. But while he was going to stroll to Atharv for the weapon, peehh!!! He got shot. Will Ravish die? Keep reading!

After some time, a specialist comes to treat Ravish’s injury and discloses to him that he was fortunate he wasn’t profoundly harmed and that nothing will happen to him. It simply a question of time for him to recover. Aruna was simply giggling at the current circumstance understanding what they had arranged coming up for Ravish and his family.

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The family asks Atharv where he got the weapon from and he answers that he discovered it in Aruna’s room. Aruna at that point lied that she had no clue about how a genuine weapon was in her room. What’s more, she too discovered Chutki playing with it thinking its a toy gun.

How Atharv will shoot Ravish source: Eth Studios

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