Helena Plots Onay’s Death. The Way Do Us Part Monday Pt1, 13 June 2022


The episode begins with Dante dragging Nathalie home. He scolds Helena. Mail and Onay follows. They get into the tricycle and go. Helena scolds the chairman that she should have rights on Nathalie because legally, she is carrying her name. She calls him useless and goes. Nathalie struggles with Dante as they got home. Dante tells Nelia and those at home how Luise exposed Helena and Nathalie’s deceptive plans to snatch Nathalie. 

Helena arrives home. She scolds Luise. Luis says sorry to her. Helena says she would have gotten Nathalie back home if not for what she did. Agartha says sorry and asks Luise to go. Helena says what is she going to do now without getting Nathalie?  Agartha tells Helena to calm down. Onay tells Nelia who was scolding Rosemary/Nathalie to be easy on her. Dante then forced Nathalie into her room. Dante tells Nathalie to bring her phone because he knows she will call Helena and make another plans with her. Nathalie says no, she has to speak with Luise. 

Dante takes the phone and goes. Onay comes there but Nathalie doesn’t listen to her. Onay goes to Maila and lays down her worries. Maila encourages her and gives her a kiss on the forehead. Dante and Nelia converse. Nathalie looks on. Kiana finds Maila alone and crying, he goes to her and puts smiles on her face. 

Helena tells Agartha that she almost had Nathalie back but everything backfired. She advises Helena it will be better to leave Nathalie. She says you know how persistent that woman is? Helena says I know, I have to get rid of her for good. Agartha gets shocked and asks, for good? Helena says I have to get that pest away. Helena says you are right Agartha, she will continue pursuing Nathalie..not until the world knows she is gone. I want her dead, that’s the only way to get Nathalie, that way is the easiest. 

Agartha asks, do you really think you won’t be the suspect? But Helena says she will do anything to get Nathalie back, and anything means vanishing Onay from the face of this earth for good. She looks on. Nathalie comes out from her room and starts looking around. Dante sees her and says what are you looking for? Your phone? He picks it and says you will never get this cell phone. I know you want to call your mother. Nathalie says why won’t I call her? She’s my mom. Dante says I know you will make plans with her against Onay. 

Dante says I know your problem is the phone. Nathalie says fine and goes. Nelia comes to Nathalie’s room. Nathalie says, you don’t know how to knock? Manners! She goes back and knocks before entering and says happy now? She tells Nelia that she wants to be with her mother Helena but it’s not working. 

Nelia scolds her. Nathalie taunts back. Nelia looks on and goes. Helena meets one of her goons and gives the task to him to vanish Onay from the face of the earth. She gives Onay’s picture to him. She says I want her to die slowly..she has been my problem since day one. She then asks the man to name his price for the contract. Agartha hides and looks on…Read more