Maila Sings For Survival. The Way To Your Heart Wednesday, 11 May 2022

The episode begins with Maila and Kiara chatting while walking on the playground. After having a chit chat, Kiara says goodbye to her and goes. Maila goes to the field with her guitar and plays the guitar while singing joy to the world. Everyone gathers around her as they all clap and sing.

 People started giving alms to her. Maila had money that day. After singing, she saw a woman who complimented her for her sweet voice. She then introduces herself to her as Maila, she also said her name is Mary Tsu.

She gave Maila flyers and invited her to sing at an event at a bar.  

Maila shows the flyer to Onay and says this is a great opportunity. Onay agrees for her to go. Maila gets happy. Maila goes on stage and sings. Everyone claps for her as she sings. Someone looks on. It was Helena’s informant. He calls Helena and informs her. Helena says what? Maila singing at a bar? Well, we have to do something about this. 

After singing, the woman wanted to cheat Maila off the money. Maila then leaves. Onay gets worried for Maila that night. 

Nathalie asks Helena, mom, is it true? Helena asks what? She says that Maila is singing in a club? Helena says where did you hear that? She says well I just heard you now. She says you were not supposed to hear that, Nathalie. Nathalie says soon Nathalie and her family will be back on their feet, and me will be forever blind. Lucas and Hector speaking. Maila was in the corridor when a man met her. 

He stops her. The club owner also came and said no exit, and dragged Maila to her room.  Onay wakes up and is worried about Maila. The woman tells the men to cage Maila and not allow her to go anywhere. She goes. Maila scatters the things there. She comes back and slaps her. She forced Maila and applied lipstick to her lips. Lucas also called Maila and Onay but their number was unreachable. Maila is then forced to go on stage and entertain the customers. She cried, but the guards came and took her away…Read more

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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