Sara’s Fake Identity Plan Fails. Till Love Do Us Part 10 June 2022, Friday Pt1: Episode 292



The Episode started with Riddhima leaving from Vansh’s room and she got a message from Thapa. She then went to see Sara. Vansh drank the kada. Sara came out of the swimming pool and asked do you have any bussiness. Riddhima said I want your pic to make the fake documents. Sara said fine, take my pic now. Riddhima took her pic and Sara said one more, please, I look cute, right. Thapa then called Riddhima. She said yes, I am Ishani, I am sending the pic.

Riddhima placed her phone there and Sara said you are trapping Ishani. Riddhima said if Angre knows, then you will die. Sara said you worry for yourself, not me. She said sorry, our phones got exchanged. She took her phone and left. Riddhima called Thapa and said don’t tell this to Vansh, he will get angry, I will explain to him later, thanks.

Ishani was taking a shower and the lights went out. She heard someone’s footsteps and called out Angre. She became tensed and the lights came back on. She then saw Angre with the candle. He asked what happened, did you get scared, I find you lovely, look who is scared now. She recalled Vyom’s words. He hugged her and said I love you. She said I love you, but you are responsible for your actions, clear this to everyone, you spoiled my mood, just go now, I will call you later.

He asked what happened to her. Angre went to Riddhima and said I liked this ball room, it’s cozy and a private place. She said I also got some options, I will forward the pics. He said okay, I will make arrangements. Ishani called him but he disconnected. She left from the room and Angre ran. Riddhima asked what happened. He said please stop. Ishani said I told him to meet me outside the room and she called him again. She heard the phone ringing and she left.

Riddhima asked what happened, why did you react like this, tell me, if things aren’t fine between you both. He said no, you know her, she would create a big scene seeing you. She said her misunderstanding should be cleared. He said no, you know she is like petrol, she gets angry very easy. Thapa called Vansh and asked is there any problem, she was scared like she is doubting my work. Vansh asked what are you saying. Thapa said she wanted me to make fake documents, your sister Ishani. Vansh asked what, I will call you.

Ishani asked Dadi to call Angre and Angre came there. She said I was trying to call you, I booked a couple spa for us. Vansh came and asked what are you doing. Ishani said I am having salad, then I will have dinner, any problem. He said you called Thapa and she asked who is Thapa. He said stop acting Ishani, you called him to make a fake identity, why. Sara then came and looked on. Vansh said don’t lie, do you have any plan to run away, what problem has come.

She said stop accusing me, why do I need to make a fake identity, please check. He said he has sent me the pic, we will know it now. She said yes, I will see. Riddhima thinks no, I told Thapa not to tell Vansh, Vansh will get Sara’s info, what do i do. Vansh then showed Ishani’s pic and Sara smiled. Ishani said I don’t know Thapa, if I had to make a fake identity, why would I tell you, I would have told my husband, I don’t want your help, do you understand. Vansh asked Angre to control his wife, handle her and he left.

Dadi asked Ishani to have food. Ishani said I am ok. Riddhima asked how did the pic change. Sara said thank me, I changed it. She recalled taking Riddhima’s phone and changing the pic. Riddhima asked don’t you want a new life. Sara said you are making Vansh’s man do this work, you are planning to trap me, you can’t give a good life to anyone. Riddhima said no, I am not trapping you. Sara said you just care for family, don’t think I will forget my contract. Riddhima said why did you give me 2 days time then, how many times shall I say, I went to take help for you that night. Sara said yes, you wanted police to arrest me and he hand shivered.

Sara said Vansh will die, I don’t want a new identity, I won’t go without taking revenge. Ishani was crying and Angre said sit here, what happened. She asked how dare Vansh blames me, I don’t know anything, he asked you to handle me, he is my brother. He said relax, you should have not hurt him. She asked how did I hurt him.

He said you said you will call me in need, not him, he will be hurt. She said we were so close, now I don’t matter to him, find out who Thapa is, who called him with my name, I want to prove to Vansh that I am not involved in all this. He said I will find out, calm down and he hugged her. Vansh felt restless and thinks of Riddhima.He went to Riddhima’s room and found her sleeping. He lifted her, brought her to his room and looked at her.

Vansh asked Riddhima not to follow him. She said I also know your presence. They both got notes and smiled and they went to meet.