Vihaan Proves That He Is Vansh. Till Love Do Us Part 11 February 2022, Friday Pt1: Episode 130

The Episode started with Vihaan explaining to Riddhima that he just did what he had to do. He said Vansh would not forgive you if you were marrying someone else. She said yes, he would be angry, but he would never talk of divorce. He smiled and said your eyes… ……He said our eye colour is the same, we are made for each other.

She looked at him, he moved away and made her fall. He tied her up in the carpet and Ishani came there. He thinks did she see anything. Ishani said you woke up early today, your divorce papers are ready, sign it, you will be free from Riddhima forever and Riddhima heard it.

Vihaan checked. Ishani asked him to sign there. She thinks Vansh’s sign is complicated, if he is a duplicate, he can’t sign and the truth will come out. Vihaan recalled Riddhima training him. She showed Vansh’s pic and said this is his laptop password, memorize his signature also, if you make a mistake, then I will be there, but I can’t manage it. He said it’s very tough. She asked him to practice and he sat practicing.

He said it’s impossible. She said you have to try and learn. Riddhima worried. Kabir came and looked on. Ishani asked is there any problem. Vihaan said no and he signed on the papers. Kabir thinks good job Ishani, duplicate can never do Vansh’s sign, now his truth will come out. Riddhima thinks did Vihaan get caught, Bappa save him. Vihaan signed and Ishani checked. She thinks it’s exactly Vansh’s sign. Kabir was shocked and thinks how did he do Vansh’s sign. Vihaan turned but didn’t see Kabir.

Vihaan asked why did you get shocked seeing my sign. Ishani said nothing. She saw the carpet and asked why is it here. He said I have to give it out for cleaning. She said I will give it then. He said stop, you are pregnant, you can’t lift it, send any servant. She said okay and left and Kabir also left. Vihaan said I am taking you out safely and he took Riddhima. Anupriya said he is Vansh, signatures also matched.

Kabir said I know it’s not easy, but not impossible, we are missing something big, this isn’t the real Vansh. She said you have to see things differently. He said yes, I love you, he hugged her and left. Riddhima asked why did you sign, Vihaan, we will be caught. He said I have learnt Vansh’s sign, it’s okay for me and he took the carpet out. Riddhima got out of the carpet. He asked why did you sign on the divorce papers, Ishani will make me sign today and oust me, he held her close and she asked what are you doing. He said relax Riddhima.

He asked her to take a deep breath and lessen the stress. He said now listen to me, I had seen Ishani, she came to test me, if I am her brother or not, so I had signed, it means some people are still scanning me, they doubt I am not Vansh, it’s not easy to convince them, I am trying to do that. Riddhima said but the sign is done, what will we do now. He said you can pray to Bappa, he will not let you lose. He took the carpet with him and she recalled Vansh’s words.

She thinks how does he know about my faith on Bappa. Ishani said you aren’t convinced right. Angre said yes, Vansh loved Riddhima a lot, he always united relations, he would have forgiven Riddhima, he would never divorce her, he has signed on it easily, how shall I believe that he is Vansh. Ishani said you have gone mad, Riddhima had crossed limits, you know Vansh’s anger.

Kabir fell down and got hurt. Vihaan asked did you get much hurt. Kabir said no. Vihaan saw his leg bleeding. He poured antiseptic on the wound and Kabir got up. Vihaan then taunted him. He asked Kabir not to enter the jungle if he has to get saved from the tiger, if you enter the jungle then you will become a prey. Kabir thinks same attitude, Riddhima trained him well.

Vihaan said Dadi stopped you, it’s better if you don’t cross limits, shall I ask the commissioner to suspend you again. Kabir thinks Riddhima told him a lot, I know he isn’t the real Vansh. He said you have become a good man after the accident, you let me stay in the house and now treating my wound, nice behavior and Vihaan left. Kabir thinks how shall I expose this game.

Riddhima looked at Vansh’s pic and talked to him. She cried and asked why did you leave me and go, I wish I could stop the time, you would be with me and the family, you were very strong, I am not so strong, I don’t know what to do, how to save the family from Kabir, I got Vihaan here for a motive, he failed my plan and she prayed. Dadi came there and asked how can you leave us and go, do I have a right to talk or not, Vansh wanted to divorce you, you didn’t think about me. Riddhima said it’s nothing like that. Dadi said if you think you should go, wear this and go and she gave her a box. Chanchal asked why did Maa call us here. Aryan signalled he doesn’t know.

Dadi brought Riddhima there. Ishani said good Dadi, she will leave the house in the dress in which she had entered here. She asked Riddhima to sign the papers, Dadi has called us so that we can see this good moment. Dadi stopped Riddhima. She asked what are you doing, you have risked your life for Vansh, how can you end the relation with him, will you sign on it, don’t forget that your relation isn’t with Vansh, but with me also and Riddhima cried. Dadi said I will not permit you to break this relation, I don’t accept this divorce and she tore the papers.

She said relations don’t break on papers, this is Riddhima’s house, she won’t go. She got Vihaan and said you both promise to give another chance to your relation, you have to forget the past. Riddhima prayed and thinks I can stay with my family and fight to save them, once I throw Kabir out, I will tell Vihaan’s truth to the family. Dadi got sindoor and mangalsutra. She asked Vihaan to fill Riddhima’s maang and accept her and they all became shocked.

Everyone looked on. Dadi said she should always have your name sindoor and mangalsutra, Riddhima was yours and will always be yours, make a new start. Vihaan look at Riddhima. Dadi said think you are marrying once again. Riddhima thinks Vihaan will fill my maang, I am Vansh’s widow, how can I become Vihaan’s wife. She cried and thinks I never thought this twist will come in this drama, how can I put sindoor of Vihaan’s name, how shall I stop this.

Vihaan filled Riddhima’s maang with sindhoor. Riddhima recalled Vansh doing the same. Other side, Kabir was frustrated as he couldn’t figure out what Riddhima’s plan was. Just then he found letters that with the name “Vihaan”. He said smart play, Riddhima….Read more

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