Till Love Do Us Part 12 January 2022 Wednesday Pt2: Episode 99


The Episode started with Anupriya saying sorry Riddhima, I don’t know how my foot got twisted. Ishani said it’s a bad omen, poor Riddhima, now she has to keep fast without sargi, she can’t even have water till the moon comes out. Vansh came and said it won’t be needed, he brought sargi for Riddhima and everyone looked on. Vansh said I had gotten sargi for Ishani, but when she got it, then Anupriya could give this sargi to Riddhima and he gave it to Anupriya. Anupriya then passed it to Riddhima. Riddhima smiled and took the sargi. She touched Anupriya’s feet and took blessings. Vansh and Dadi smiled. Anupriya thinks I wanted you to stay hungry, you got lucky, but luck won’t always support you. Riddhima said thanks, my hands aren’t empty today. Dadi said all is well that ends well, have the sargi first. Riddhima said it’s my first fast, I thought to keep paath for everyone today. Dadi said good.

Riddhima did the arrangements. Vansh got almonds for her and asked her to eat few almonds, it’s tough to tolerate hunger. She asked what, fast is kept by true dedication, you eat it, I won’t let anything happen to my fast. He asked her to eat the almonds. He said I will adjust if my life gets short by few hours. She said I won’t let it get less by few mins also and he looked at her. Someone added a chemical to the diya. Vansh said I was just passing by and he went. Dadi and others were seated. Dadi told them about karwachauth fast. She asked Riddhima to light diya and tell the story. Ishani and Anupriya looked on. Riddhima lights the diya and she coughed by the smoke. Dadi asked are you fine, what happened.

Anupriya said this Akhand paath shouldn’t stop in the middle, right. Dadi said yes, it’s right. Riddhima started the story but she felt uneasy. Ishani taunted her. Vansh came and told the story of karwachauth. He said husband and wife should support each other, like Riddhima is keeping the fast, it’s my duty to support her, how did her voice go suddenly. Ishani said she was practicing the story since morning, maybe she has a bad throat. Dadi thinks fate has written bad for them, but their love will always bring them together, Vansh has subsided that bad omen, everything will be fine. Riddhima smiled looking at Vansh.

Ishani removed the black shawl and smiled. She recalled adding the chemical in the mehendi and diya. She said my plans failed, but I will make sure that this plan works, I got what I was waiting for, how will Riddhima get saved now. Vansh asked what, Angre, she is getting attacked, call a doctor and get her treated, it’s a secret between us, no one should know it. Riddhima came from the bathroom and Vansh looked at her. She removed the earplugs and asked what happened, why are you looking at me like this. Vansh said I wanted to ask about your throat, your voice looks fine now. She said yes, Dadi asked me to gargle, the trick worked and Angre left. Riddhima asked Vansh to close his eyes and she gifted him a watch.

He opened his eyes and saw the watch. She said it’s a gift for you on our first Karwachauth, it’s connected to my heart beat, he made her wear a watch. He said watches should be there or not, but you will always be there in my heart and she looked at him. Vansh took sindoor and he coughed. She asked him to have water. He said I can’t have water. She recalled Dadi’s words. She asked you also kept a fast for me? He smiled and she happily cried. He filled sindoor in her maang. He asked what will I do by getting a long life, I want you to be with me till my last breath. She thinks he loves me a lot, I will tell him the entire truth after breaking the fast. He thinks it’s not right to hide the matter from her, I will tell her Ragini’s truth after breaking the fast. Siya called them for sighting moon. Vansh and Riddhima danced near the pool.

Riddhima’s dream ended. Dadi asked them to break the fast. Riddhima and others looked at their husband’s face through the channi. Riddhima and Vansh broke each other’s fast. Siya said wow, they are the best couple. Dadi and Siya asked Vansh to not eat the sweets completely and share it. Siya said it’s the life’s best moment for you, I should capture it and she took their pic. Vansh and Riddhima smiled. Anupriya was angry. Dadi thinks Vansh and Riddhima’s love story will surely complete and she smiled. Anupriya and Ishani starred at Riddhima. Ishani thinks I have the remote to bring a big dhamaka in their love story.

Riddhima thinks my first Karwachauth completed, I will tell the truth to Vansh and she cried. Dadi came to her. She said where there is so much love, that husband keeps fast for wife, there is no space for these tears, I know your love story will surely complete. Riddhima thanked Dadi. She thinks this night is special, our love will get like pure gold, I have to make arrangements. Ishani said Riddhima is just a spy. Vansh said I didn’t come to hear this nonsense. She showed him a video. He saw Riddhima leaving from his car dickey. She said this video can’t be false, you trust me now right. She smiled and left. Vansh was angry and said so this karwachauth fast was a lie, I was trusting you and wanted to tell the truth, but not now, the game will be of equal now.

Riddhima said I want to tell you that I am not that Riddhima who came to ruin you, I am that Riddhima who wants to become your wife. Vansh shot Ragini. Riddhima looked shocked. Vansh pointed a gun at her…..Read more

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