Ishani & Her Baby Gets Poisoned. Till Love Do Us Part 16 February 2022, Wednesday pt1: Episode 135


The Episode started with Vihaan, Kabir, and others bringing Ishani for the tilak rasam. Dadi said Vihaan and Riddhima will do the rasam and Vihaan did the tilak. Ishani thinks is he my Vansh or a cheat, I will know the truth soon. Vihaan said it’s for you from my side, I hope you like it. Riddhima thinks you will get a sweet smile when you open it. Dadi asked Riddhima to feed Gangajal to Ishani. Riddhima took it and fed Ishani. Kabir placed a packet in Vihaan’s kurta pocket. Dadi asked Kabir to come and do the rituals. He said let it be, I don’t want to spoil her happiness. She said it’s fine, you suggested this rasam, come.

Kabir then went and did the tilak. He thinks your attitude will be gone soon. Dadi asked where did Vansh go. Riddhima thinks where did Vihaan go. Vihaan said the day is a special today, I want to make it more special. Vihaan came and danced with Riddhima. Riddhima recalled Vansh and looked at him and everyone clapped. Kabir thinks Vihaan’s game will be over soon while Dadi prayed for the family’s happiness.

Dadi said you stay happy and keep the family united. Vihaan said this is for you Ishani. He showed her the toys and sang. Riddhima and everyone sang along. Ishani said my stomach is aching a lot and she cried. Kabir looked at her while everyone danced around her. Ishani screamed aloud. Everyone became shocked and looked at her. Kabir held Ishani and she fainted. Everyone worried while Kabir lifted and took her away.

Doctor came and said don’t worry, Ishani and the baby are safe. Kabir said I sent her blood samples to the lab, some powder traces were found. She asked what, it means this happened due to the powder, thank God, it’s in was in small amount, else she would have lost her baby, everything is under control, Kabir saved her, if Ishani fell over her stomach, then it would be impossible to save her baby. Dadi then thanked Kabir. Riddhima thinks so Kabir did this. Doctor asked them to give vitamins and a healthy diet to Ishani. Kabir thanked her. Anupriya said all is well that ends well, how did this happen. Chanchal said Ishani was with me, she didn’t have anything, she had taken gangajal. Anupriya asked was there something in that gangajal. Riddhima thinks what does Kabir want, he would have not added less identity if he had to kill Ishani. Kabir said don’t worry, we will know it. He took the Gangajal and showed them the green colour.

Dadi said Gangajal is clear and transparent, it means there is a powder in it, why would anyone do this, everyone is family. Kabir said one who wanted to kill Ishani, let me do my work, I will check everyone, many culprits think they are the smartest, they make mistake and get caught. Vihaan thinks and placed his hand in his pocket. Kabir said stop, just stand the same way as it is and he checked Vihaan. He got the powder and said it’s the same that was mixed in the Gangajal. Dadi asked how can Vansh do this with his sister. Ishani said if he isn’t Vansh, he doesn’t care before killing anyone, he isn’t Vansh, he is Vansh’s look alike, Riddhima got him home to fool all of us, she never loved Vansh, she is making a joke of our emotions, I am saying the truth. She asked Aryan to tell Dadi. Aryan said I had seen Riddhima paying money to Vansh’s look alike. Ishani said I had seen money in his jacket, why does Vansh need to take money from Riddhima, when all this belongs to her. Anupriya asked are you not my Vansh. Vihaan asked what nonsense, I am Vansh.

Ishani said fine, if you are Vansh, then tell me what names you thought for my coming baby. Riddhima recalled the names Sakshi and Aditya. She thinks my game will be over today. Kabir thinks it’s a bonus, Ishani made our work easy. Dadi asked Vihaan to tell the names if he is really Vansh. Vihaan said Dhwani if it’s a girl and Ankush if it’s a boy. Riddhima worried. Ishani said no, Vansh didn’t think of these names for my baby. Kabir thinks Riddhima and this look alike’s game is over.

Ishani said he isn’t Vansh. Riddhima said he is Vansh. Ishani said he has practiced Vansh’s sign. Kabir said I will arrest you for trying to snatch someone’s property. Dadi slapped Riddhima. She asked Riddhima to prove herself in 3 hours, else she will be punished and Riddhima cried…Read more

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