Real Vansh Shows Ridhima The Way To A Secret. Till Love Do Us Part 18 February 2022, Friday Pt2: Episode 139


The Episode started with Riddhima saying you have played many games, return me the property and leave. Vihaan said you don’t know me yet, I won’t leave. He cuts the rope and freed himself. She shouted Vihaan. He said Riddhima, let’s make the game bigger, you will give it written to me that I will get 50% of Vansh’s property, else I won’t give you the NOC, I have to give an application to prove that I am alive, I am Vansh, I will give it when we have this 50-50 agreement, simple. She looked at the knife and he stepped on it. She said get me out of this. He asked why, it’s tough to get out of this, you have no option, now if you go to the family and tell that I am not the real Vansh, then you will pay for it, Dadi…

if anything happens to her, can you tolerate it. Riddhima recalled Dadi’s words. He said the decision is yours, we both will have 50-50 property, else you will be empty-handed, I will prove that you were never this house’s bahu, you were a spy, I will become Vansh and be the single owner of the property. He said it’s easy to cut Kabir’s web, but not this one, you will always be trapped, it’s very tough, you got me here to defeat Kabir, how will you defeat me, you can’t. He removed the web trap and smiled.

She thinks what did I do, I had gotten Vihaan here to save the family from Kabir, but he is a bigger devil, how shall I save the family from them. Vihaan said I can’t wait for your reply all my life, your dream and these papers can burn to ashes any time. She said go ahead, it’s price is nothing more than ashes. He have you gone mad. She asked him to check her sign once but he didn’t see her sign. She asked did you see me signing the papers, the NOC is useless. Vihaan checked and became angry. She said there are two players, both will win the game together and lose together, if my truth comes out, then family will leave me.

maybe they send me to jail, what do you think, I will leave you, my statement to the police that you were taking a fee from me and were involved with me, you know what can happen, I will not spare you, your greedy face has come out, I think you should be happy with the money I am paying, virus can be strong, it’s antivirus will be made some day and he smiled. She said think, deal or jail, I won’t wait for your reply all life. She thinks if this plan fails, everything will go wrong and she left. Vihaan said she is crazy to get the property, any way, it’s good, it will be fun to fight with her.

Riddhima hugged Vansh’s shirt and cried. She said I miss you a lot and recalled him. She said I wish you were here to fight your enemies, I think of you a lot, I am not able to think. She got Vansh’s gift in the cupboard. She said did he keep this for me and she quickly sat to open the gift. She saw the dancing couple showpiece gift and smiled. She read it…. Hi sweetheart, happy birthday in advance. She cried and said he had a habit to make life beautiful and continued to read the letter….

I know you like challenges, I have prepared a challenge for you, you know the world around me is full of mystery, but my life is the biggest one, I want to reveal one of such secret, you have to reach it before 12, you have to reach it before your birthday, else it will never get revealed. She said it’s just 3 hours for my birthday, what’s the truth, I feel I have seen this somewhere. She checked the letters.

Vihaan came and opened the lights. He took the letters and she thinks he may know it. He said no, there is something special in this paper, so you are secretly reading it. She said nothing and he read. She became tensed. He found the papers blank. He said you were staring at a blank paper. She thinks how did the ink disappear. She then said yes.

He asked what’s Ishani’s room painting pic doing here. He thinks was it written about the secret. She said it’s not of use for you and he left. She closed the lights and got to see the text again. She said it means Vansh wrote with such an ink that appears in candle light, it means it’s a big secret, I have to find out, Vihaan helped me unknowingly, it’s Ishani’s room painting. She placed the letter in the vase and went to Ishani’s room. Vihaan stopped her and handcuffed her.

She asked what’s this, open it. He said just tell me, what was written in that paper, there was some info that I didn’t understand, it means some special person has written it, it’s Vansh’s letter, right. She said no need to interfere between Vansh and me. He said relax, one answer can free you. She said this time, I won’t let you blackmail, leave me. He said think again. She said fine, do anything you want.

He threw the key again and she shouted are you mad. He said you should have thought of it before, I am feeling hungry, I am going to have food at the dining table. She said we can’t go like this, what will we answer them. He said I didn’t think, wait, it’s your problem. She recalled Vansh’s words and thinks of what to do.

Riddhima got Ishani’s room and she got some map. Vihaan thinks I have to stop Riddhima from knowing it. Riddhima then found the locker. She saw Vihaan and Vansh’s pic. She said it means they both knew each other…Read more

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