Vansh Catch Ridhima With Vyom. Till Love Do Us Part 19 April 2022, Tuesday Pt1: Episode 221


The Episode started with Vansh checking Riddhima’s foot. He said you can wear this new sandals, sorry and made her wear the new sandal. She asked why sorry, to shoot at me, to blame me or accuse me for fake pregnancy. He said sorry for everything, you know such mistakes happen in love. She said fine.

He talked to her and turned. He saw her reflection, adding some pills in the coffee. She asked him to have coffee. He acted to drink it. He said I don’t know why I feel much sleepy today. She said then sleep and slept.

She then woke up. She saw the empty coffee mug and took the violin box. Vansh woke up and saw her gone. He called up Angre and asked him to listen carefully. Riddhima came to Angre’s room and changed the violin box with the rifle box. She took the rifle box and left. Angre got up and called Vansh.

He said she just left. Vansh said okay. Aryan switched on the lights. He said you can go anywhere you like, I will open the door, shall I call a taxi. She said I am not going out, I am going to the lawn to practice violin. He said you are free to go anywhere, let me see if there is violin in this case. Vansh came and stopped him. He asked what problem do you have.

Aryan asked where is she going at this time. Vansh asked this way, by checking. Aryan said fine, I will not ask her, it’s the same box in which Angre packed the rifle. She said I am taking the violin to practice. Vansh said she isn’t a thief. Dadi said we all should be careful, a theft has already happened, if you can’t check it, then Aryan will check.

Riddhima worried. Aryan opened the box and saw the violin. Dadi asked what’s inside. Aryan said violin. Vansh asked are you satisfied now. Aryan said I am doing this to save the family respect. Dadi said he is right. Riddhima said I was going out to practice violin. Vansh asked Aryan not to do it again. Aryan said sorry and he left. Vansh said I am sorry on his behalf. She said it’s okay and left.

Vyom asked Riddhima to try the sword fighting and gave her the case. He asked is this a joke. She said the face is innocent, there is something else inside. He got the rifle and Vansh looked at them. He recalled everything and became angry. He asked why did you do this, Riddhima. He came home and saw Riddhima in the room. He thinks how can she come back so soon, she changed clothes and slept, she had gone to meet Vyom, what’s happening.

Riddhima asked where did you go, you just left, I was scared. He thinks why is she acting innocent. She asked from where are you coming. He asked were you here all night. She said no. I went to the lawn for violin practice. He asked are you sure that you didn’t go anywhere else. She said you are asking me, what happened to you.

She got close and said answer me first. He said I had gone to find something, some secrets came out, some light ends the darkness. She said light thinks she has won over darkness, but this doesn’t happen all the time. He said yes, you are right, secrets do come out. She said you are saying as if my secret came out, I have no secrets in my life except one. He asked can you say that. She said yes, I love someone who is very foolish, and doubts his wife a lot and she smiled.

He asked how was your practice. She said useless, I didn’t understand where to focus. Vansh went to talk to Siya. He asked did you see Riddhima playing the violin in the lawn. She said yes, she was so terrible at it, so I am using ear pods. He asked are you sure, did you see her. She said yes.

In the morning, a man got food for Kabir and Kabir beats him up. He said you thought you will cage me here, I cage people and removed the chains. He said I will not spare your boss. He heard a sound and someone attacked Kabir. It was Riddhima. He said someone will go to heaven from here.

Dadi said I told you something Vansh, did that work happen, why is she still alive. Anupriya said relax. Dadi said don’t talk in between. Vansh said you said we want a proof that Riddhima has stolen the diamonds, we will find the diamonds and the precious thing as well. She said you think the thief will come to you and accept that he had stolen it, you didn’t do anything. Aryan brought Angre. He asked Angre to tell Dadi the drama in detail. Angre said sorry boss. Aryan said I will help you. Angre said another ancestral thing is stolen.

Dadi said if Riddhima is the thief, then she should get death punishment, if Vansh can’t do this, then Aryan you do this, if Vansh comes in between, then shoot both of them. Ishani saw the bye bye Riddhima cake and asked Aryan about it. He said she is leaving very soon and Riddhima looked on…Read more

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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