Vansh Reveals Ragini’s Secret To Ridhima. Till Love Do Us Part 19 January 2022, Wednesday Pt1: Episode 105


The Episode started with Riddhima saying Ragini you are safe now, I will protect you from the devil. Kabir thinks are you protected from the devil or are you going to the devil, Riddhima doesn’t know it. Vansh angrily kicked things in the room. Angre came and asked where did Ragini go. He shouted to nurse and the nurse came. Vansh scolded her. He asked her to tell him who came there, whom did she see. The nurse said I don’t know anything, I heard some sound, someone kept a chloroform napkin on my face, I didn’t see anyone. Angre asked how can this happen. Vansh said my hardwork of 3 years has gotten wasted, you know the meaning, we lost Ragini. Angre asked who came here. Vansh recalled Riddhima.

Vansh called Ishani. Ishani said she has a high fever, so she is taking rest. Vansh asked did you see her?” He shouted. He took his gun and said I know who did this. Riddhima said we have risked our lives to get Ragini, Kabir promised me, you will take care of Ragini, I am trusting you, nothing should happen to her. He said you don’t need to ask for my promise, Ragini is my responsibility now, I promise I won’t let anything happen to her. He held her hand and he smiled.

He said you don’t need to go back to the VR mansion, your mission is fulfilled. She said no, it’s not fulfilled, I don’t know how I fell in love with a devil, Vansh has to give me answers, the moment I get my answers, I will leave the VR mansion forever. Kabir said okay. She thanked him and said I am sorry, I know I have hurt you a lot, maybe I deserved this. He said Riddhima, it’s not your mistake, you don’t deserve any punishment, Vansh deserves it, you trusted him, he broke your trust, he deserves it, his plans are failing, he couldn’t keep Ragini, humanity and goodness have won, we won. She nodded. He thinks it’s enough that I have Ragini with me, humanity, goodness, you can’t imagine what I will do with her, just I won, you and Vansh became fools and lost.

He took Ragini from the car and Riddhima drove ahead. Kabir lay Ragini on the sofa and smiled. He called Anupriya and said mom, congrats, I have Ragini. She asked what, seriously, superb Kabir, I have stopped everyone from coming to Riddhima’s room. She thinks this nurse shouldn’t get up. She hits the nurse’s head and said Kabir, I am sure Riddhima will come back, I have to leave from here, what will you do with Ragini. He said what she deserves. He injected Ragini and said thanks for coming into the private hell. Vansh came home. Riddhima hid and looked on. She said thank God, Vansh didn’t see me, he will go to the room, how will I get there.

Ishani said thank God, I got the room’s duplicate key, I will find out, if Riddhima is there or someone else. Anupriya stopped her. She asked what’s your problem, don’t disturb Riddhima. Ishani said you always do this, why do you worry for Riddhima. Anupriya said stay away from this. Ishani said no, Vansh asked me to check, you stay away, let me do my work. She took the key and said you are behaving strange. Vansh came and said stop it you two. Ishani said I was going to check the room. Vansh asked for keys. Anupriya said you got hurt, I will do your bandage.

He said I have to fix something first. She gave him the keys. She thinks I have stopped him as much as I could, Riddhima didn’t reach, now he will know. Vansh checked and shouted she isn’t here. He thinks Riddhima what you did today, you will get punished. Riddhima came from the bathroom. Vansh said you… you were in the bathroom. Riddhima recalled entering the window and apologizing to the nurse. She asked the nurse to leave fast. She sent the nurse by the window. She said yes, why are you looking at me like this, I came out of the bathroom. Anupriya said Vansh, I will do your bandage. Anupriya and Ishani left.

Vansh starred at Riddhima. She saw his bleeding knee. He walked towards Riddhima and she back. She asked what happened. She thinks does he know anything, why is he staring at me this way. He got a dry leaf from her hair. He asked how did you get this leaf in your hair, you were resting in the room all day, right. She said I didn’t get sleep, I stood at the window to have some air. He checked and said I heard you got a fever and then it went. She said the doctor gave me injection, I feel better now. He asked why not, everything got fine, right, you got what you wanted, right, come. She asked where are you taking me.

He took her to the grave. She thinks maybe he knows that I have disappeared Ragini, does he want to bury me in this grave. He asked her to come. He pushed her inside, she fell and got tensed. He said I have dug this grave for one who deserved it, now I feel someone else deserves it more than that person. She thinks it’s okay, if this is the price of saving an innocent life, then I accept it. She sat down and closed her eyes. Vansh said don’t close your eyes, Riddhima open your eyes and see who deserves to go inside this grave. He gave his hand to her, she held his hand and he brought her out.

She asked who. He said it’s the person standing in front of you, yes Riddhima, I am the person who should be buried alive, I am a big criminal, I am culprit of my mum, I promised my mum that I will punish her murderers, today I lost the only means to reach the murderer. She asked what, was your mum murdered. He said yes, she didn’t die by illness, she was brutally murderer, you know who was that only means to reach the murderer, Ragini and she was shocked.

He said just she knew who my mum’s killer, so for 3 years, I had fought to keep her alive. She said it means you didn’t kill Ragini. He said no, why would I kill the person who could have helped me, I pointed a gun at her. FB showed Vansh scolding Ragini and asking her to answer, was she with him for money. Ragini said yes, it’s true, trust me, there is another truth, which I want to tell you. He said you cheated me, you knew I loved you, you did this with me. She said no, I didn’t cheat you. He pushed her down and said you know I hate lies, there is nothing left now. She said no, don’t kill me, forgive me. Vansh pointed gun at her.

Riddhima thinks I have seen the footage, it means he is telling the truth, what happened. He said a bullet was shot. She asked did you shoot. He said no, I wanted to kill her, I pointed gun at her, but I couldn’t do, because I am not a criminal, I can’t murder anyone. She thinks did I misunderstand him. He thinks that too of the person whom I loved. FB showed Ragini getting shot. Vansh was shocked and said who shot the bullet. Riddhima asked who shot the bullet. Anupriya said I shot the first bullet. Kabir smiled. She saw Ragini and said she thinks she is very smart, she was dreaming to control me. She recalled… Anupriya thinks why isn’t Vansh shooting Ragini, I had provoked him so much. Ragini said I was after money before, but I really love you, there is another truth, I want to tell you. He asked what will you tell me, you broke my trust. She said you will trust me. Anupriya shot her and FB ended. Vansh cried seeing Riddhima.

Vansh cried saying maybe he won’t be able to give justice to his late/heavenly mother. He fell on the ground and got hurt on his forehead. He was unconscious and fell in the grave. Wind was blowing and leafs started covering him up. Riddhima said she won’t let anything happen to him. Everything happened because of her. She told him to open his eyes….Read more

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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