Sara Begins Operation Vansh Must Die. Till Love Do Us Part 19 May 2022, Thursday Pt1: Episode 261


The Episode started with Vansh complimenting Riddhima and she thanked him. He asked why did you overreact there. She said nothing, I was scared, Gayu always play pranks. He said you reacted as if she added poison. She asked how do I look. He said you are dressed to kill, what are your intentions. She said I have to keep you caught like this. She tucked her saree in his belt. He asked her to take another round if she wants to tie him with her pallu. She asked is it important to go today, stay back please. He kissed her and said don’t be scared, I will go and come back, I will be extra careful, you take care of yourself and the baby. He hugged her and went giving her a flying kiss. Vyom came to the hotel and complimented the receptionist. He asked her about Augustine.

She said sorry, I can’t give you the room number. He made a story and insisted her. She said let me check, the room beside his room isn’t available. He said you are breaking my heart, just check again. She said one room is opposite to his room. He said that works, this is for you. She thanked him and she gave him the room key. He then removed the mask. Vansh asked Angre how did the deal location change. Angre said schedule has to change a bit. Vansh asked are you sure, is there any mistake. Angre said yes, I am finding out why Johnson committed suicide. Vansh said fine, keep me posted, if Augustine lands here then… Angre said he will be out of green channel.

Vyom asked Aryan can he borrow his newspaper. Aryan said no, sit somewhere else and he ordered a drink. Vyom also ordered and sat with Aryan. He said I think we should talk and get to know each other. Aryan asked him to get lost and Vyom tore the newspaper. Aryan asked what’s your problem, I am Aryan Rai Singhania, the owner of this property, get lost. Vyom said you didn’t identify me. He removed the mask and placed a cutter on his neck. Vyom offered a deal and asked him to help. Aryan said I won’t agree even for 200 crores. Vyom said Vansh will be out, this will be just between me and you, you all had come here and left Siya. Aryan became angry and said okay, I will help you out, nothing should happen to Siya. Vyom said she is safe, go to the manager, take the master key, pass it to me, don’t worry about Siya and he left. Riddhima followed Sara and she locked her up. Aryan went to the manager’s room. He said Vyom is making me do this work. The Manager came there while Aryan was looking for the keys. He saw the manager and scolded him. The Manager apologized and Aryan left.

Vyom waited in his room and looked at the door. He got the master key and became glad. He said this is what we call a smooth plan, I just have to wait now, Vansh went out and someone followed him. Vansh turned to see and Sara came there. Riddhima looked for him. Vansh sat on the sauna. Sara made some changes, smiled and she left. Sara thinks Riddhima thinks I am locked in my room, I had seen everything, Riddhima know the magic of swiss knife, Riddhima thinks Vansh will get saved if this day passes, but sad, I keep my promise, Vansh will die today itself. Riddhima called Vansh. Sara said Vansh will get dehydrated, he will long for water, he will try to go out, but the door won’t open, mouse is in the trap, then his organs will dry up, Vansh will die a painful death and she laughed.

Vansh shouted for help. Sara heard him. Riddhima also run to find him. Vansh then fell down, she reached the door and tried to open it….Read more

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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