Till Love Do Us Part 20 June 2022, Monday Pt1: Episode 303



The Episode started with everyone asking the black mamba to show her face. Riddhima removed the mask and came in front of them and they became shocked. Dadi asked what’s this joke Riddhima, what drama are you playing now. Riddhima then removed the hood. Ishani said so you are black mamba, you sent us the videos. Riddhima said I did this to catch the black mamba and she recalled seeing Chanchal.

She saw the coat and gloves in the room and sent the invites to them. She said black mamba is between us, I called you all to get to see the black mamba, I got a proof today. Siya asked what. Riddhima said I can’t tell you now, I had applied turpentine oil on that person’s hand today, that person doesn’t know it, it’s inflammable and she lights a candle. She said we will know who black mamba is and she lights all the candles on the tables.

She checked Angre’s hands. Chanchal got back and refused. Riddhima asked what happened, why are you scared, even I am not scared of you. Chanchal said I had applied sunscreen, it can catch fire by the candle. Riddhima asked did you apply at this time of the night. Chanchal said yes, I take care of myself. Riddhima said sunscreen doesn’t catch fire, tell the truth. Chanchal said you are doing this drama to hide about your pregnancy. Vansh came and asked what’s happening here. Chanchal said you came at the right time, I can’t tell you what Riddhima did. Vansh asked what did she do, tell me.

Chanchal said we thought the family heir is in her womb, but she has been lying to us since 3 months, I think she is black mamba, she is making stories to hide her lie. Dadi said she is right, Riddhima is playing with our emotions, I wanted to be happy seeing you, but I have to give you a bad news, she is cheating us and got the fake reports. Ishani said I found out about the company, they give a fake provision of pregnancy to women, they provide fake details and also fake bellies.

She asked Angre to tell Vansh what he heard. She said Vyom saw Riddhima crying on an unborn baby’s grave, what does it mean. Siya said yes, someone was threatening Riddhima that she isn’t pregnant, I read that letter. Vansh asked Riddhima is this true.

Riddhima said I will tell you everything, not now. He said enough and left. Dadi scolded her and left. Ishani said you deserve ths, congrats and they all left. Riddhima said we will have a talk, I know why you had got scared of this candle. Chanchal asked why are you blaming me. Riddhima said I got this coat from your room, and you know this bracelet, you gave it to Siya. Chanchal said you are framing me. Riddhima said say the truth, else it will be too late, I will tell Vansh, that you were spying on me, it will be good if you say, you know what Vansh can do. Chanchal said forgive me, yes, I had followed you.

Riddhima asked are you black mamba, did you send those videos to scare us. Chanchal said no, I came two days back, I fell greedy, someone gave me much money to follow you, I was getting money, I had my expenses, sorry, don’t tell Vansh. Riddhima said fine, you have to send me the phone numbers and bank details of the fund transfers. Chanchal said okay and she left.

Riddhima asked Vansh to listen to her. She said your baby is fine. He asked what. She said look into my eyes, am I saying the truth or lie. He asked what’s this new story. She said I had made this story, I was helpless. He asked what is it. She said I didn’t tell you about my past story, someone wants to bring it out in a wrong way, I wanted to stop that person and lied that our baby is no more. Vansh asked who is it.

She said that person is from our family, I did this drama to make them believe that I am not pregnant, I had threatened that doctor and sent the letter to me, I paid that guy to meet Ishani, I knew someone is following me and wanted to make that lie a truth and Ishani looked on. Riddhima said I was waiting for your arrival, that person paid Chanchal to spy on me. Vansh asked what’s the truth of your past.

Riddhima said it’s related to a contract killer Sara, I want you to meet her, then you will get all your answers and she left. Sara was looking for her medicines, Riddhima came and gave the medicines to her and Sara scolded her. She asked Riddhima to go but Riddhima said I thought to tell our past to Vansh, I can’t hide it. Sara asked have you gone mad, please don’t tell Vansh, he will kill me. Riddhima said no, he won’t kill you, he will help you, we can’t move on until we bury the past, I want to help you.

Sara said I don’t want your help, I am not doing this intentionally, you made me do all this, I was living my life happily, Aditya and I were happy together, you had a problem with that professor and Riddhima recalled the professor trying to molest her. Sara said I was helping you, you told me that we have to expose that professor. Riddhima said I know you were helping me, it was our plan to get him arrested, you hit a stone on his head, you saw how scared I was, they recalled and cried.

Riddhima said I want to tell you something about Gayatri and me, an incident changed our fate, Gayatri is Sara, she became a contract killer and Vansh became shocked…Read more