Fake Ridhima Is Finally K!lled. Till Love Do Us Part 21 April 2022, Friday Pt2: Episode 228


The Episode started with Kiara asking Riddhima is she behind the explosion. Riddhima pointed a fork at her neck and warned her and Kiara goes. Aryan fainted Riddhima with chloroform and took her away. Vansh tried to break the bars but he fell down. He broke the bars and came out. He asked Angre about Aryan.

Angre said I just saw him leaving in the car, don’t know where he went. Vansh said Riddhima isn’t at home. Angre handed over a gun to him. Aryan tied up Riddhima and she shouted for help. Aryan said you will be dying now and warned her. Vansh was on the way.

Aryan said after you, it will be Vansh’s turn. She asked what do you mean. He said I have to kill Vansh as well, Dadi has lost faith in Vansh, we all feel that Vansh has lost the spark, he is losing the family, Dadi has freed him from all the responsibility, he is gone, it’s time for you to go.

She said you are doing wrong, Vansh will not leave you, please let me go. He said fine, I will let you go, run. She then run to some jungle and Aryan shot at her. He said you were becoming a hunter, now see how you get hunted, come on, run. Vansh came and hits Aryan with his car. Aryan’s gun fell off his hand. Vansh got down the car and Riddhima ran.

Aryan said don’t get involved, she has to die and Vansh beat him. Aryan said it’s Dadi’s order, listen to me and also beats Vansh. He then punched Aryan’s face. He said this is for cheating me and locking me in the office, for not listening to me, you won’t kill Riddhima and pointed a gun at Aryan.

Aryan said you got mad in anger, will you kill me, Riddhima is the culprit. Vansh loaded the gun. He said I know, I will kill her, she will die by my hands. He then pointed the gun towards Riddhima and looked at her and she became shocked. Vansh said good bye, sweet heart, he shot her and Aryan smiled. She then fell down and Vansh left Riddhima there.

Aryan said check if she is dead or not, we will burn her alive. Vansh asked is it not enough that I shot her. Aryan said maybe this is your new plan, she can stand alive. Vansh asked Aryan to check if she is alive. Aryan checked and said she is really dead, I thought it’s your new plan, but you killed her, I can see that stone hearted Vansh is back, it’s good to see you back, welcome back.

Vansh said I am glad, you understood, that until I am alive, you can’t sit on Rai Singhania throne ever and he left. Aryan said I will see you Vansh. Vansh applied tilak to Dadi and said it’s Riddhima’s blood and Siya became shocked. Everyone looked on. Dadi asked Aryan is this true. Aryan said yes, it’s true, Riddhima is dead and Ishani smiled. Siya said no, this can’t be true, tell me, did you kill her, why, I hate you.

Dadi asked her to stop crying, Vansh did right. She said you kept our family’s pride, come with me and everyone followed. Dadi poured milk on Vansh’s head and Vansh recalled Riddhima. Dadi poured some red water and plain water on his head and did tilak to him.

She gave him some gangajal and said I am sure now that you will always be capable of keeping the family traditions. Ishani said I am so happy, I got my brother back. Dadi asked them to go to their rooms, she has to talk to Vansh in private.

She asked Aryan to go and see, nobody comes after them and Aryan left. Dadi made Vansh sit on the chair. She said I know what you are thinking, I am happy, you kept your duty, Riddhima couldn’t do this alone, she had everything, someone was helping her, it’s important to find out, hidden enemy is more dangerous than known enemy, find out, he nodded and she goes.

Vansh thinks. He lay in the water pool and thinks of shooting down Riddhima. He got became shocked seeing Riddhima. She said you think you will get rid of my blood stains if you sink in water, you are happy that you killed an imposter, did you shoot your own Riddhima and Vansh worried.

Vyom said I am your other grandson Vyom. Dadi slapped him and asked him to get out. Vyom asked what did I do. Vansh said I got this rifle and diamonds from your house. Vyom then warned him of a big storm…Read more

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