Vansh Invites Danger For His Family. Till Love Do Us Part 23 March 2022, Wednesday Pt2: Episode 183


The Episode started with Vansh keeping the guitar in the cupboard. Riddhima came and asked what happened. He said nothing, it a business related work, didn’t you take a bath. She said no, my feet is aching. He lifted up her and took her away. He said let me help you. She smiled and asked shall I go. He said you are forgetting why we have come here and he opened the shower tap and they had an eyelock. He kissed her. He said you can stop me now if you want and helped her take a bath.

They played with the water in the bathtub and he got close to her. Kabir looked at Riddhima’s picture. He said my attention got off you, it doesn’t mean that you will become someone else’s, you are just mine, I will get you at any cost, you will come back to me forever, you have no idea what I have thought for us. He touched the cutout and said trust me, you will love it and kissed the picture. Vansh kissed Riddhima.

Vansh was talking on the phone while coming downstairs. He said Dadi, it’s an important day, I have to go for a meeting, why are you worried and for whom, don’t you trust me, you know I can handle this, whenever you applied the tilak to me, the meeting was successful and I returned home, you know I love challenges. Dadi said sorry Vansh, I won’t do this work today. He asked why. She said you are married, this responsibility is transferred to Riddhima, get the tilak done by her today, it’s her right. He said okay. Siya said I know where she is, I will send her to you. Dadi said such meetings are dangerous. She prayed to Bappa for Vansh.

Riddhima said aarti diya is blown off, it’s a big abshagun. Siya came and asked what abshagun. Riddhima said I did aarti and was coming to everything but the diya was blown off. Siya said it’s a big abshagun, it means about a problem coming on the heir, Dadi asked you to do tilak to Vansh, he is going for an important meeting, does this mean about Vansh. Riddhima said nothing will happen, Bappa and Mata Rani are with us and she lights the diya again. Siya asked her to fix the flower to Vansh’s coat.

Riddhima said fine, I will do it and placed the flower down and went to Vansh. Vansh asked her to come in. She asked how did you know. He said I get to know it by a special thing, guess it. He went close to her and said your fragrance. She asked really. She heard footsteps and said someone is coming. He took her aside and hid. Aryan said Vansh isn’t here, maybe he is in his room and he left. Vansh said we can never get separated, Riddhima and she recalled Siya’s words.

She asked can you do anything for me. He said of course. She asked can you cancel today’s meeting for my sake?” But Vansh left. She said I don’t feel good, the diya got blown off, it’s not a good omen, postpone the meeting for a day and he fed her sweets. He said my bad luck will change into good luck when my beautiful wife does the tilak to me herself. He stopped her from removing the sweets from her mouth and bent to eat it. She asked him to think again and fixed the flower on his coat. His hand touched the aarti plate and the sindoor fell down.

He said come on, relax, it’s just a coincidence. He said just half an hour left for my meeting, I will prepare for it and he left. Riddhima said how shall I stop him, I don’t feel good. Ishani said it’s a common thing for him, we go through this fear every day and she left. Riddhima said I have to stop Vansh from going out. Vansh got ready and the Lights went off.

Riddhima came to him, wearing short clothes and she locked the door. She said I won’t let you go today. He tried to get the keys and said this deal is very important for me, once this deal gets successful, I promise, I will be yours. She said no. He said give me the keys, I would have cancelled the meeting if I could. She said you know, you would have gone by now if I wanted you to go and she played music and danced with him.

He stopped her and tried to get the keys. He said this meeting is very important, please give me the keys. She said no. He bent her and the keys fell down. He picked the keys and said we will meet in the evening. She said promise me, you will come back safely. He took a dress and said promise me, you will be wearing this dress and get ready to meet me, I promise, the evening will be ours, I won’t miss it and kissed her. She asked him to take care. He opened the door and left. She said Bappa, I feel scared, protect Vansh, get him home safely.

Cheng fired a bullet at Vansh. Riddhima was feeling scared. She went to go to Vansh, but Angre stopped her. She asked him to let her go as Vansh could be in danger…Read more

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